Summer Plans

I have all of these sewing wants and needs rolling around in the noggin, so I thought it would be helpful to just lay ’em out here.

But first, speaking of rolling things around in the noggin, I find myself “in my head” a lot; sometimes I think about things so much that I think I’ve spoken aloud about them to people (particularly, Mr. 5.  Apparently I do expect him to mind read).

This same introspection hinders my sewing greatly.  I think TOO much and do not act enough.  Part of it is being tired at the end of the weekday or busy on the weekend, but the other part is that I mull things to death (hullo, Master Procrastinator here) and then no work gets done on the pattern adjusting, fabric cutting, and most importantly:  the sewing.

Case in point:  we have two weddings to attend this month, and once I returned from PR Weekend I had planned to make dresses for both.  Since I had 4 and 6 weeks to get them done, I went “ehhhhh, plenty of time” and then thought about what I wanted to make for hours over those weeks.

The first wedding we are attending is 2 days from now.  I have thought about 3 different patterns, stared at the pattern tissue of one of them (tried a wonky FBA on this one), bought 2 fabrics that I thought would work for the one whose pattern tissue I stared at and adjusted the bust of, but have gone no further.


I have even managed to procrastinate in this post about planning by ruminating about my indecisive procrastinating ways.  Life is too short for this stupid bullshit!



– Dresses for June Weddings
– Amazingly cheesy 4th of July outfits for our little family

– More Summer sleep sacks for Mr. Cheeks
– Outfit for Cheeks’ 1 year (!!!) photos
– Outfit for Cheeks’ birthday (!!!!!)

Because I live in a mostly selfish sewing world, let’s take a look at the wants first, starting with the dresses I’ve considered for these weddings:

Option 1:  Burda style mag 08/2014 #116

Burda 08/2014 #116


Burda Burda 08/2014 #116 line

I drooled when versions of this dress started hitting blogland, but didn’t have this issue on hand (thanks again for passing this issue on to me, Nakisha!  You rock!).  Then, I got pregnant and there was no sewing this waist-conscious number.  I WILL make this beauty someday, but since it is impossible to nurse in and difficult to pump in, will be passing for now.

Option 2:  By Hand London Anna


This is the one where I stared at the tissue and attempted an FBA.  I read so much about it; there are a few FBA tutorials on the ‘net, and thanks to Mags realized I would likely need to shorten the skirt about 6″ (whoa!) for it to properly fit my 5’4″ frame.

I even bought 4 yards of gorgeous navy sandwashed silk crepe de chine from Fabric Mart and then, having the “nice fabric” fear of fucking up while attempting a new pattern, I went and bought 3 1/4 yards of this Nicole Miller “Stretch chiffon” (which, uh, I don’t really know wtf it is, but it’s sure as heck not chiffon!) from JoAnn:

JoAnn Nicole Miller stretch chiffon

Which still might be a tad too sheer for an unlined dress.  DAMNIT.

And now it’s suddenly 2 days before the wedding I intended to make it for, and since it’s an Indie pattern I’d want to trace all of the pieces.  Uh.  Yeah. Plus, I’m unsure how it will look on the boobfront even with an FBA.

Also:  still not nursing friendly, but easier for pumping than option 1.

Option 2:  Simplicity 2369

Simplicity 2369

I sewed up the tunic version of this pattern almost exactly FIVE years ago and have fond memories.  I didn’t have to do an FBA and I loved how it turned out.


I can’t remember what size I made, but I think it was a 10, but I was also much smaller then.  Upon texting with my sewing advisor (hehe) I think I will try a 12 to 14 this time around, depending on the stretch of my fabric.  I hope to use a poly jersey (I know, Summer, poly, ugh, but the print is so cute!) that I bought in 2014 (I think?) when I visited SR Harris and got to meet Nakisha in person!

SR Harris jersey

That all said; again:  this is for 2 days from now.  It’s highly possible that I will not finish anything new and will just wear something from ye olde closet.  Whatever I start I will hopefully be able to finish for the second wedding later this month.

Second on the wants list:  Cheesy as Hell family 4th of July outfits

It’s less than a month away, so I better get my ass in gear, right? (LOL yeah)

Here are the patterns I’ll be using:

Mr. 5:  Thread Theory Strathcona Henley


I actually have a half made version of this for him in my sewing room right now; I made us all matching Christmas PJs (that I never blogged…uh, there’s always next Christmas) but only got the pants done for Mr. 5 and I done in time.  I got the top for my top done (a Plantain), but somehow lost (what the actual fuck???) the front of Mr. 5’s henley and have been searching in vain since.  I think it’s time to give up and cut him a new front.

But yeah, another one of these.  With short sleeves.

Cheeks:  Brindille & Twig Rolled Hem Romper

Rolled Hem Romper

This one probably looks familiar, because I made it for him already for the Wardrobe Contest!  It was one of my favorites on him this Spring, and I plan to make the shorts version (as shown) instead of the pants version.

Me:  Jalie 3132

Jalie 3132

Ah, Jalie.  I love your fit; you make me so happy.  I made a nursing dress version of this for myself last Summer that I never blogged (but will probably share if/when this kitschy Independence day magic gets blogged).  I’ve lost a good majority of the baby weight, so it’s a tad big on me now, but I really love it regardless.  I made that version 4″ longer than the tunic length, but it’s still a tad risque, so I will probably add 6-7″ this time around.

These cotton/spandex jerseys that I’ll be using are the stuff Independence Day matchy-matchy dreams are made of.  You can see them here and here on Girl Charlee’s site.



‘Nuff said.  You can use your imagination on how these get ups are gonna turn out.  My cheestastic self cannot wait to see how they all look together.

And now for the NEEDS.

Sleep Sacks:  McCall’s 7219

McCall's 7219

I made a slew of these sleep sacks before Cheeks was even a twinkle in our eyes;  I gave most of them out as gifts, but saved a few just in case…  They worked great, but they are fleece.  Now we only have a two Summer appropriate sleep sacks, and one lives at daycare.

The sacks we have are knit, but I had dreams of sweet “muslin” (but as sewers we all know it’s not muslin; it’s actually double gauze) sleep sacks at a fraction of the crazy A&A (you know the brand) prices.  I wonder how they’ll hold up, since Cheeks is now pulling himself up and cruising around the crib, but couldn’t help but buy these fabrics (1 2) from

Gauze 1

Gauze 2

Birthday photo outfit:  McCall’s 6873

McCall's 6873

He’s going to be one in less than two months!  That happened fast (and slow)!  I kind of want to make this little old man fancy pants outfit for some of his pics, but I don’t know if I really want to put all of that work in for just photos.

FIRST BIRTHDAY OUTFIT:  Brindille & Twig Summer Romper

Summer Romper

You may remember this pattern from last year.

B&T Summer Romper

I thought about using the Rolled Hem Romper instead, but at the end of July it’s bound to be Hot As Balls outside, so why not make this cute little romper again?  Plus, it’ll only be appropriate to make these for him for so long…my baby’s growin’ up!  *tear*

I might make a coordinating raglan tee for underneath, but maybe I won’t!  I also see myself finally using the Silhouette Cameo I bought over Black Friday to fancy his duds up with some celebratory “1”s!

So, that’s about it.  Now let’s see what I can actually whip up in the next couple of months.

Do you think way more than you should about your sewing instead of actually sewing? Have any sweet ass sewing plans for the Summer?


13 thoughts on “Summer Plans”

  1. Ha, I think about sewing way, way more than I actually sew. Heck, I spend more time reading about sewing than I spend time in my sewing room. I totally understand. -TexasMela (MelaD)

  2. “Amazingly cheesy 4th of July outfits for our little family”
    Please do this! Please do this nowwwww!!!!! 😂 Totally the cutest thing ever.

    Go with the Simplicity! It’ll be “fast” compared to the others and is super nursing friendly.

    I cannot believe he is almost 1! Sheesh!!! Time is a flyin’ mama!

    And you just do you. Don’t be like the crazy haphazard people ;-)

  3. well, i think i’ve met my twin … i think so much about sewing a ??? that in my head, i’ve made ’em … they’re done … so when it comes time to actually sew the item, i have no *energy* to do it … i darent tell anyone in my family b/c they’ll think i’m crazy … however, i know i’m not … i just lose interest and don’t care … plus, some of my kids won’t like what i sew for their kids, anyway: *it’s the wrong color, mom* … *granddaughter doesn’t like the pattern* …. *it’s tooo long, etc, etc. etc.* … me: *fix it yourself {ooops … mom does not sew!!!} all in all, it’s a lot of LOLs …. and whatevahs … and i’m reading a book now … i love the double gauze stars … i need some {but, for what??? i have no idea!! i just like it1} … the striped little boy suit is adorable, but waaaaay toooo much work for pictures and it’s gonna be hooootttt … and just go with b&b .. i love her patterns … are they easy to make? i have a *few* but have not sewed any — see i was not joking …. LOL … well, mama have a great summer; looking forward to another *report* on your sewing … i’m gonna sew some grandbaby clothing and some for a friend’s new daughter — and my friend will appreciate it … try the dresses from made-by-rae, the geranium dress — sooo quick and easy and takes, basically, scraps for the top and a piece for the bottom … so quick, i actually did four in a couple of days a couple of years ago for daughter-in-law’s baby … sorry for the spacy writing; it’s my life, i guess …. thanks for your piece on the ol’ blog …. darlene

    1. And that’s why you just sew for the people who appreciate it! Or maybe just for yourself… ;)

      I probably will skip the little suit because it’s not worth it just for pics, but it’s so dang cute. You could make a skirt or loose flowy dress with double gauze!

      You have a great Summer, too!

  4. Haha, I totally unterstand. But maybe it’s a new-Mama-thing? My little one just turned one, and since he is here, I spent an inordinate amount of time researching techniques, patterns and buying fabric, because I can do that while he nurses, sleeps on my lap or when I know I only have ten minutes of quiet. BTW, I did manage to make him the simplest linen pants and Henley-Shirt. No extras, other than the buttons, and he can still wear it to other “fancier occasions”, like visiting his great-grandpa. But maybe if you are taking Mr.Cheeks to those weddings… You still have two days…
    And I would totally go with the wrap-dress. It can be used again for more casual occasions, and if you only get a little sewing done it better be versatile. (That’s my motto, clearly. I do a capsule wardrobe since pregnancy, I really don’t know what my body will look like in a few months.)

    1. Good point. That is definitely a factor! I’ve always been a bit like this, but it has totally gotten worse since he was born. There is only so much you can do trapped under a nursing or sleeping baby!

      We are leaving the little man with grandparents for the weddings (because mama and daddy need some fun time!) but those little pieces sound lovely!

      I have been so entranced by the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but that level of planning is a bit overwhelming to me. How many pieces do you make/acquire/wear at a time?

  5. Ah yes, the “All My Shoes Are From Stripper’s Discount Warehouse” hem length on that Anna dress…seriously have no idea WTF they were thinking. I vote to save yourself the trouble and don’t have that one be your #1 gal for the wedding(s) outfit, especially since the fabrics involved won’t make it any easier. (Definitely make it some day though–you’ll love wearing it once you get it fitted and finished, especially in a silk CDC.)

    I am inappropriate amounts of excited about these cheesy matching July 4 outfits: bring ’em on!!!!

    PS: Another one here who is guilty of thinking a lot about sewing vs. actually sewing. I try not to worry about it–it keeps my creative juices flowing and eventually motivates me. But no harm ever came from trying to sew more frequently, as long as you’re enjoying it! =)

    1. Ahahahaha YES. That is exactly what the length of Anna says to me as well! I think it’s too much pressure for now, but I hope to make it this year sometime. My sis in law is getting married in September, so maybe I’ll try to make it for her wedding!

      I am kind of the most excited about those 4th of July outfits, too! Teehee.

  6. Yes, sewing on the brain. I get out my pattern stash, move them all around, organize, read the back of the envelope, take the instructions out and study those. My husband says I’m “playing with my paper dolls” when I’m doing these activities. 😌
    It takes me too long to figure out what I want to sew next, but that is part of the process.

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