Since U Been Gone: PR WEEKEND!

Well, more like since I’ve been gone.  But, apparently I have Kelly on the brain today.

I went to Pattern Review Weekend!

I had a horrible, no good very bad stay at the Congress Plaza Hotel (which they refunded me part of what I paid when I emailed them about it, so that’s something), but besides that, it was pretty awesome!  I really want to go again next year already (NYC!!!!).

Thanks to my sweet Mr. 5 for having a boys weekend with Mr. Cheeks and making it all possible.  <3

I took photos at really random times, and none that are well framed of people (and if you see one of you that you want taken down, just let me know!), so this is going to be a lot of text.  Sorrrrrry.

Friday, May 13th:

Woke up at 4:00 am to make the 2 hour drive and 40 minute train ride to downtown Chicago.  Before 5:15 am I had a *shudder* beefy spider crawl on me as I pumped for Little Bits AND I forgot my mofoing wallet and had to turn back home.


UntitledPumping on the Metra

I finally got to the PR Weekend conference center 5 minutes before the 10 am program started.  Talk about squeakin’ by!  By waking at 4:00, I had hoped to be there by 9:00.  Blast!

The Indie Panel was pretty damn interesting.  The bit on why PDFs should cost as much as printed patterns was eye opening, and the discussion on how the designers’ lives are sort of lived in the public eye because of social media (much like some popular bloggers!) was also very thought provoking.  However , meeting all of my fellow sewists in the flesh was…amazing!  I entered feeling pretty sheepish and more than once felt like the new kid in school (who the hell was I going to eat lunch with?!), but I started to feel welcomed pretty quickly.

Rachel regaled me with stories of the PJ top I’d made that she adapted for office wear, and I also found and said “Hey!” to my sewing sister from down the road, Paula.  It was so funny to meet people in person and recognize them for their Internet pattern reviews!  And if you were wonder, I did end up finding lunch companions (thank goodness!):  had a delish cubano with Ellen and her Ma, Pam.

The afternoon was filled with the famed pattern swap (see farther below for the spoils) which was…holy shit!  So many patterns! As well as the accessories contest and what not here and there.  I even won a Liesel & Co pattern for posting about PR Weekend on Instagram!

The event’s group dinner was at Exchequer and I was able to talk more with Pam and Ellen and also met Cindy, Amy, and Carolyn.  Wine, food, CAKE and sewing talk?  YESSSS.  These people:  my tribe.

UntitledAt the hotel before dinner

Saturday, May 14th

Woke up at 5:00 am because sleeping in strange places is not my forte.  Had breakfast at Panera because the cubano place (which had delicious looking breakfast goods on their menu) wasn’t opening until 10:00 am.

Then on the L (El?) to VOGUE FABRICS!

Untitled Untitled

This is maybe my 4th or 5th time at Vogue, but it’s exciting each time.  I ended up with a berry colored rayon/spandex jersey, a lightweight (but opaque) sueded/washed grape hued silk woven, and cotton jersey with chickens on it (can’t forget about the bambino!):  5 yards in total.

Had lunch with Carolyn, Annalisa and Rachel at Dollop Coffee/Hoosier Mama on Carolyn’s recommendation (so, SO good!)

Untitled Untitled

That’s all the fabric I bought the whole weekend.  I held back because I thought I would find more at our next stop, Fishman’s (below), but everything there was too rich for my blood.


The only thing I really wished I had also gotten at Vogue was a couple of yards of their Shibori bamboo jersey…and I can still order some of that online!  :)

Pumping again on the train:  a mama’s work is never done!

Then went out to dinner with a bunch of my new sewing friends!  What a weekend.

Here’s my PR Weekend haul in its entirety:


Things from PR Weekend that I am particularly excited about:

  • Meeting all those fab folks IN THE FLESH
  • That grape colored silk
  • My new Jalie dolman top pattern!  (pronounced Jah-lee; I’ve been saying that wrong forever…saying it like the mofoing Midwesterner I am)  Emilie was so sweet and personally delivered it to my hotel room
  • Vogue 1440 from the pattern swap, which I have been eyeing for a while but hadn’t bought yet, ’cause I just don’t make jackets.  Perhaps that shall have to change?
  • Weirdly enough, the book in the goodie bag from Vogue Fabrics which is about making fabric bowls (lower left).  I’ve always been intrigued!

Sunday, May 15th

I walked down to Waffle and had…waffles.


A flight of four tiny ones, to be exact, and then I took a slow walk up Michigan Ave and through Grant Park…

Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled
What’s that?  Just my inner 12 year old giggling

…on my way to see The Bean!

UntitledThe Bean

UntitledSelfie in The Bean

UntitledSelfie with The Bean

Between all of those destinations and walking back to Ogilvie to catch the Metra, I walked about 4.5 miles before 10:30 am.  That is a lot for my sedentary-desk-job-drive-everywhere life.  It felt pretty great at the time, and then pretty bad later.

And then I got home and cuddled my baby boy and hubby.  It was so nice to get away and “fill my bucket”, but it was amazing to return to them.  <3

Next up on da blog? 
I finally got some pics of recent makes!  I also have some baby and weddingwear needs, and some cheese-chocked 4th of July wants on my sewing plate.  Can’t wait to share!  ‘Cause if there’s anything more awesome than sewing, it’s writing about sewing… :D

What have you guys been up to lately?



9 thoughts on “Since U Been Gone: PR WEEKEND!”

  1. I am so glad that you enjoyed PR Weekend! It must have been wonderful to be around so many other “sewing people” for a few days. =) Can’t wait to see your upcoming projects!

    Over here, it’s time for Summer Sewing; I donated almost all of my RTW summer dresses last year thinking I’d be productive (LOLOLOL) and yeah, no.

    PS: That hotel tho. WTF do they not get about “medical necessity?!?” So sorry that happened. =/

    1. It was pretty cool!

      I have so many unblogged makes just ’cause…life. I should take some photos of the ones that worked out well. :P

      Oh man on the donating all of your dresses! That said, sometimes I kind of like having less in my closet. Just a few things to wear make life a bit more simple.

  2. Looks like a really fun weekend. I noticed you in someone else’s photos and said “Hey! Jess is there too!” Too bad the hotel didn’t treat you better :( I’m glad you were able to get a partial refund.

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