Stay-On Baby Booties

You may or may not have spotted these in a couple of photos when I shared his wardrobe.  I made Mr. Baby a pair of shoes to match his clothes!

Maggie's Stay-On Baby Booties

Maggie's Stay-On Baby BootiesMaggie's Stay-On Baby BootiesMaggie's Stay-On Baby Booties

Well, they’re actually booties. Maggie’s Stay on Baby Booties, to be exact. I made a him the 6-9 month size, which he has already outgrown at 8 months.  He’s on the bigger end of the spectrum (95thish percentile for weight) so take any of my sizing notes with a grain o’ rice.

Maggie's Stay-On Baby Booties

At this point, I’m poised to make him a new pair in 9-12 months, which should fit him now.  Past that, I’m not sure how well these will work for Summer, but since it’s only warm here for 4-5 months of the year, I’m sure he will get lots of use out of this pattern (which also comes in bigger kid AND adult sizes…)

Maggie's Stay-On Baby Booties

I really love these things.  They’re a little fiddly to make (and ugh, DAMN SNAPS!), but they make some damn cute baby footwear!

Maggie's Stay-On Baby Booties

Speaking of snaps, I decided to make the cuffs a bit looser since Cheeks has some lusciously chunkalicious ankles and calves.  As you can see, I ended up having to install a second set of snaps in the correct location:  they were too loose and didn’t stay on.

  Maggie's Stay-On Baby Booties

Maggie's Stay-On Baby Booties

I also made a pair for his newborn cousin.  So tiny and cuuuuute!

Maggie's Stay-On Baby BootiesMaggie's Stay-On Baby BootiesMaggie's Stay-On Baby BootiesMaggie's Stay-On Baby Booties

Anywho, as I constructed these two pairs, I came up with quite a few suggestions for construction and some general critical musings.  I’m not saying this is a bad pattern by any means:  like I said up yonder, love these booties.

Maggie's Stay-On Baby Booties

And here are said notes, in no particular order:

  • The instructions have you zig zag OR serge the two sole pieces together.  Since I was using mostly my serger for construction, I didn’t want to possibly have this initial stitching be visible on the outside of the finished bootie, so I zig zagged around the sole instead on my first pair.  However, on my second pair I simply basted with a straight stitch, and found this to be the superior method.
  • For babies that are walking, (or nearly s0) the pattern recommends using leather or some of the grip fabric that’s typically used in order kids’ footie pajamas (instead of quilting cotton).  I used the grippy stuff and found basting the two layers of sole together with the grip part DOWN to be the smoothest route.  It stuck to the presser foot when I tried sewing it facing up.
  • To reduce bulk in the toe, I recommend sewing the upper/toe cap instead of serging, and then trimming the excess.  I serged Mr. Baby’s pair but sewed his tiny cousin’s and I feel that the latter is a much better look.
  • 1/8″ elastic is not very substantial, and doesn’t have great recovery.  I’d recommend 1/4″ elastic instead for the inner casing (or, does 3/16″ elastic exist?  ‘Cause that would probably be perfect).
  • Be sure to sew the elastic casing to the bootie within the seam allowance already created by the ankle cuff/strap.
  • I found that the inner elastic casing wasn’t quite tall enough to really help keep the bootie on Mr. Baby’s foot.  I plan to make the casing 1/4″ taller for future versions to make sure it lands firmly on his ankle instead of mid-heel.  This is definitely a YMMV kind of thing, though; highly dependent on your kid’s foot anatomy.
  • It’s weird to me that the sole has a foot shape (longer for big toe on one side) but the upper does not.  I may adjust this for future pairs, but I’m not completely dissatisfied with the fit.  Just seems odd, is all.

So, that’s all of my baby bootie bitchin’.  Can’t wait to make him more.  <3

Maggie's Stay-On Baby Booties

And just a reminder, voting ends tomorrow for the Wardrobe Contest over at PR!  I’m j Renee Design over there:

2016 Wardrobe Contest


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