Mr. Baby Does Spring: Ice Cream Pants

If there’s something I love more than almost anything (except for Mr. 5, Mr. Cheeks and wine) it has to be ice cream.  A day is not quite complete without it, yet it is one of the junk foods in my life that I am able to control myself with (candy and chips:  Danger, Will Robinson!)

And these pants are just about as cute as that creamy confection is delicious:  Brindille & Twig’s 074: Ice Cream Pants*

Brindille & Twig Ice Cream Pants

I made these in a size 9-12 month, as I have with all other pieces in the wardrobe.  I used  Birch Organic cotton interlock for the yoke and legs and a Birch Organic cotton ribbing for the waistband and ankle cuffs.

Brindille & Twig Ice Cream Pants

Finessing the curvy yoke onto the rest of the pant wasn’t really a challenge, but it was a bit awkward.  Yet, not TOO awkward.  It’s really the most difficult part of this pattern, which is super duper easy overall.  Heck, the front and back are nearly identical, so I’ve only included a full photo of the back and a close up of the front. (back is a bit higher rise to account for da booty)

Brindille & Twig Ice Cream Pants Brindille & Twig Ice Cream Pants

The only part of this pattern that I’m not a fan of is the waistband application.  The instructions say to fold one of the short edges in 1/4″ (the seam allowance), then fold in half length wise and lap this turned edge over the raw edge so the raw edges meet.  Then, baste together and stitch onto the pants, insert the elastic, and sew over the opening to close it and anchor the elastic.  I found this rather clumsy.

Brindille & Twig Ice Cream Pants

For future iterations, I will sew the short end closed except for a ~1″ opening on the inside of the waistband, sew on, insert elastic and hand stitch the opening closed.  OR I may use a much shorter waistband (like the Faux-Pocket Pants) and omit the elastic altogether.

Brindille & Twig Ice Cream Pants

I was also not a fan of the idea of snipping holes that are left raw for the drawstring, so I left the drawstring out.  If I decide to go drawstring in the future, I will probably use an awl to make the holes and add grommets.

Brindille & Twig Ice Cream Pants

Besides all of that, which are really minor points, I love these, and will be making him more!

Brindille & Twig Ice Cream Pants

Wardrobe completion:
7 out of 10 reviewed (1 2 3 4 5) and blogged (1 2 3 4)

Brindille & Twig Ice Cream Pants

*This is a referral link.  You’ll help support my munchkin pattern and fabric habit if you happen to purchase after clicking through.


5 thoughts on “Mr. Baby Does Spring: Ice Cream Pants”

  1. I’ve been following your progress with this wardrobe. And I am so happy you made it. It’s a really cute selection of fabrics and specially patterns. This one is my favorite. I probably should be trying out this pattern myself. Good job!

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