Mr. Baby Does Spring: Faux-Pocket Pants

And now we continue our parade (well, maybe sprint) to the end of the month and the quickly approaching conclusion of the Wardrobe Contest with more Mr. Baby goodies.

This time, I bring you Brindille & Twig’s Faux-Pocket Pants*!

Brindille & Twig Faux-Pocket Pants

As with all of his other garments, I made a size 9-12 month for my 8ish month, 23ish pound, 28″ish little love.  ISH!

Brindille & Twig Faux-Pocket Pants

I used a sort of weird assortment of fabrics, in hopes of making his overall wardrobe somewhat cohesive.  We’ll see if I met that goal in the end.

Brindille & Twig Faux-Pocket Pants

The waistband is a Birch Organic cotton ribbing, the main part of the pants is the Girl Charlee motorcycle jersey, and the fake pocket backing, pocket binding and cuffs are Birch Organic cotton interlock.

Brindille & Twig Faux-Pocket Pants

The only thing I found perturbing about this pattern was sewing the main front onto the faux pockets.  The directions just have you set them under there and eyeball it.  Since the “pockets” are the same exact dimensions on all sizes (meaning this would be really easy to do), I wish there were a couple of notches to get both nice and exactly lined up.  Since the pocket binding is sort of a stretch-as-you-go-hope-it’s-not-too-much-or-little, I found myself obsessing about whether the finished openings were the same size and whether they laid in the same fashion on top of the backings.

Brindille & Twig Faux-Pocket Pants
Brindille & Twig Faux-Pocket Pants

And even though that annoyed me, there is just so much to love about these pants.  They are damn cute and I cannot get over his adorable tush in them.  I want to make a million more pairs.

Everything else went smoother than smooth with constructing these bad boys.  HUZZAH!

Brindille & Twig Faux-Pocket Pants

Love, love, love how cute they are.  I mean, the tinier things are the cuter they are, anyway, but these things cake the cake for me.  They are truly my favorite pants of his itty bitty baby wardrobe.

Brindille & Twig Faux-Pocket Pants

Wardrobe completion:
3 out of 10  reviewed (1 2) and blogged!

Brindille & Twig Faux-Pocket Pants

*This is a referral link.  You’ll help support my munchkin pattern and fabric habit if you happen to purchase after clicking through.  And squirrels.


9 thoughts on “Mr. Baby Does Spring: Faux-Pocket Pants”

  1. I wasn’t sure I liked these pants until I saw them on Mr. Baby, and with the matching bodysuits. Too cute! I honestly wish I had a little person to sew for now. Not one of my own, of course. ;)

    1. Yeah, I kinda did a weird mish-mash of the fabrics, hoping it would make the whole collection a bit more cohesive. Now I feel like maybe I should’ve used a cream fabric for the pants, but I like them either way!

      And hahaha…Whhhhhat? You don’t want to start over again with a baby after raising your three lovely almost-out-of-the-house girls? ;)

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