Mr. Baby Does Spring: Bodysuits

I have all of Mr. Baby’s wardrobe done, but I haven’t been able to photograph it until now.  Poor guy has been sick all month…bronchiolitis that has hung on for over 3 weeks, a double ear infection, AND he got his first tooth!  So, happy camper, the poor boy is not.  Mama and Daddy have been pretty worried, too.

Since I haven’t gotten photos of him in these garments earlier, and the Wardrobe Contest ends in a week, that means I’m going to be shotgunning these posts at ya one after another.  Seeing as you’ll be hearing from me twice a day for the next four days, you can consider this last bit of March The Week of Mr. Baby.

First off:  Brindille & Twig 009, AKA The Bodysuit*.  Or, as many folks call these:  ONESIES!

Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits

I made a size 9-12 month in every piece for the wardrobe.  The Babe is almost 8 months and 23 pounds now (wowzers, when did that happen?!) and was 27.5″ as of almost 2 months ago.  He’s got some short, sweetass chunky&delicious hamhocks, but a comparatively long torso, not unlike his papa. <3

Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits
I’m not really sure what happened with my photography skills for most of his wardrobe; I think it’s probably a baby-that-now-somewhat-moves issue (ha!), so I apologize for some of these slightly fuzzy shots. Here’s onesie #1:  long sleeved, in a lightweight badass motorcycle print from Girl Charlee.

Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits

I like the stretch and weight of this fabric for a Springtime long sleeved garment.  Warm enough for cooler days but light enough for the hints of warmth (it was 60 here one day last week!) that pop through the end of our Wisconsin Winter. And here’s onesie #2:  short sleeved, in Birch Organic interlock.

Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits

These fabrics are really pretty nice, but the one thing I’ve hated in the darker colors is that you can SEE where everything is printed on when the fabric is stretched.  Blah.  I tried to get a photo of it, but it’s not nearly as noticeable as in person.  It really takes the nice quality down a notch, IMO.

Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits
I used the opposite fabric to bind each onesie.  Thought it might be fun and cutesy.

Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits
Overall, the directions were great with the pattern, as they have been with every B&T pattern I’ve used so far.  Here are a few hints, tips and things I might do differently next time, though:

  • I agonized over cutting each bit of binding the correct length, per the binding chart.  Screw that business and just cut out a couple of strips the length of your fabric and stretch slightly as you apply it to the edges. p.s. Make sure you really stretch around the backside; I thought I stretched the binding enough there, but alas, I did not.
  •  The first onesie I sewed up exactly as directed.  I found it a little odd to completely finish the binding to the front and back bottom edges and then sew the side seams, which creates a bit of an unfinished edge at the bottom side seams.  So, on the second onesie, I applied the binding to the bottom edges, sewed up the side seams and then turned and stitched down the binding.  I had some trouble accurately stitching where the seams meet up, so I might adjust the curve of the hem in the pattern to be more gradual for any future makes, or I may just concede that the best way to do it is the way she directs:

Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits

Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits

Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits

  • The directions say to sew a few stitches over the sort of unfinished edge referred to above.  Instead, I took a yarn needle and threaded the serger tail back through whence it came about an inch.  This is one of my favorite serger tricks.  I makes me happy in the way that using a bodkin to pull elastic through a casing make me happy (which is pretty unsarcastically happy.  Lord, I am a geek).

    Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits

  • Make sure the binding on the back neck extends well beyond the edges of the fabric.  Otherwise, you’ll end up with this, which I am not bothering to fix because the young chap will be growing out of this onesie in approximately 7 seconds.

Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits

  • I lost my head on the first one and forgot that I don’t HAVE to zig zag the binding down because I own a G DARN COVERSTITCH MACHINE.  No matter, though.  Worked well either way, and by making that mistake I tried out the pattern exactly as directed.Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits
  • It was unclear from the directions how far over the binding should be turned over the edge.  There is a 1/4″ seam allowance on the front edge of the binding and the directions SAY the finished binding should be 1/4″ (so, tightly turned over that edge) but the photos in the instructions LOOK like the binding is turned over just enough so it meets the edge of the stitching, which creates a much wider finished binding.  I chose to go with the latter, and am happy I did so there was enough width on the binding to easy install the snaps.Also, the binding is single and is not double turned.  This is good when it comes to snap application, (My SnapSetter is better than the other installation tools I’ve tried, but I still hate putting in snaps!  Not sure it’s worth buying a more heavy-duty automatic press for the amount of snaps I install, though) so there isn’t so much bulk, but not as nicely finished as you usually see on a onesie.In the future, I may just press the binding in half and stitch onto the raw edges, and perhaps press the seam allowance IN toward the garment instead of OUT toward the binding and coverstitch.  I feel like this would be less fiddly.  Maybe.
  •   I feel like I’d rather use my coverstitch machine on the sleeve hem instead of binding.  Would just need to add another 1/2″ or so.  Not a big deal either way, but feels like it would take away a tad of the drudgery of binding, which apparently I am very fixated on.

Overall, this pattern was pretty easy, but a bit time intensive with all of the binding…which is pretty laughable, because pretty much all baby clothing is infinitely faster to sew than adult clothing.

Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits
However, if it weren’t for this wardrobe contest and needing several options for tops, I don’t think I would have sewn it at all.  It was actually one of the first B&T patterns I purchased when I was pregnant and then I realized…WAIT.  Why would I make something that is so basic as well as fiddly sewing-wise, and readily available as ready to wear?  DON’T KNOW.

Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits
That said, having a pattern on hand for such an essential and basic baby item is not a bad thing, but I would prefer to spend my limited sewing time making garments that are more unique.

Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits
Wardrobe completion:

2 out of 10 completed, reviewed and blogged!

Brindille & Twig 009:  Bodysuits
*This is a referral link.  You’ll help support my munchkin pattern and fabric habit if you happen to buy after clicking through.  Maybe monkeys would sling poo at me if I put a referral link for bananas in my blog, but, ya know, maybe they wouldn’t.


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