Mr. Baby’s Wardrobe Plan

Finally, right?  We’re almost 3 weeks into February, and I’m just now sharing this with ya.  Just a bit slow goin’ these days, folks.

Again, here’s Mr. Baby’s fabulous 10 piece wardrobe, comprised exclusively of Brindille & Twig* patterns, for PR’s Wardrobe Contest:

 Mr. Baby

Thanks again to the lovely and talented Melissa for helping me out with the last couple of patterns to help my, and Mr. Baby’s, B&T wardrobe dreams come true.

So, what fabrics will I be using for these adorable garments?  These, which are mostly Birch Organic knits from FabricWorm (I went fancy ’cause I wanted to try it, but damn, when I opened that box, those 7.5 yards did not feel like $100 of sparkle) with a dash of Girl Charlee and JoAnn:



And here’s a look at each piece with the fabrics chosen for it…I will be making a 9-12 month size for all of them.


Bodysuit: 009* (size range:  preemie to 3T)


This is navy blue; I’m so terrible at photography


I’m making two of these; one short and one longed sleeve.  The envelope neckline is a Godsend.  I swear, Mr. Baby gets more poop up his back than…I really don’t know how to end this sentence and remain a lady.  He just has lots of assplosions, and we enjoy clothes that can be removed without getting poop in his hair or face (and yes, we’ve sized up on diapers).

Raglan Tee: 034* (size range:  0-3M to 6T)

Raglan Tee



Again, making two of these. Weather can be tricky in late March in Wisconsin!  HAHA, just shittin’ you, it’s gonna be Winter ’til mid-April!  Liar groundhog every year…


Faux-pocket Pants: 006* (size range:  0-3M to 6T)

Faux Pocket Pants


These things are mega cute.  The pockets aren’t real, but I think that’s probably good for most small children’s garments, especially at laundry time.  Riiiight?

Ice Cream Pants:  074* (size range:  0-3M to 6T)

ice cream pants


Ice cream.  I want to pinch the cheeks of these pants.  But seeing as how there are actual cheeks in pants, perhaps that would not be prudent.

Streamline Pants: 075* (size range 0-3M to 6T)

Streamline Pants


These are some nice and basic pants that have a few fun features, and they actually have pockets, unlike their pant predecessor above.  Maybe Mr. Baby will try to shove a pacifier in one, who knows!  Stay tuned…


Snap Hoodie:  035* (size range 0-3M to 6T)

Snap Hoodie


So, B&T also offers a free hoodie if you sign up for their email list, but there’s just something so much more attractive about this one.  It’s really all in the details, right?  Gotta say, I think I’m most excited about sewing this one up.

Grandpa Cardigan: 072* (size range 0-3M to 6T)

Grandpa Cardigan


(Nearly) bald baby boy in a little old man cardigan.  My heart fills with glee.  ‘Nuff said.


Rolled Hem Romper: 089* (size range Preemie to 6T)

Rolled Hem Romper


The romper…AKA mama’s alternative to a dress for her baby boy.  I decided to make him one with short sleeves and long pants (refer to note on Raglan Tee).  Mr. Baby has short legs for his girth, so I did consider cutting the legs at the 6-9 month mark, but since the hem is just rolled, I can tack it for now and let it out later if he grows too tall but it still fits around!

This one really has an expansive size range.  Many of her patterns go from Preemie to 3T or 0-3M to 6T, but this one runs the gammut.  I also love the fact in general that many of these do go up to 6T, so I can potentially make him pants for years to come from these same patterns!

* * * * *

As you may or may not have noticed, I didn’t actually end up using every fabric in the collection I put together.  Namely, the teal ribbing.  That’s cool, though:  I’ll use it somewhere, sometime!

Also, I still don’t have any of it sewn yet…and the contest started February 1st; I keep telling myself to get 30 minutes in a day, but at the end of each day the couch just looks so damn attractive.  They ARE all cut out, though.

I am not worried about finishing:  I am a master procrastinator and I definitely chose a subject for my wardrobe that will allow me to finish.  What I’m saying is, I know my sloth/busy self and over the last few months have become more realistic about what I can accomplish in a certain amount of time.  Wardrobe for our mini human?  Yes.  Wardrobe for myself?  Oh hell no.

*These are referral links.  You’ll help support my baby/toddler/kid pattern purchasing habit if you buy from B&T after clicking through them.  Am I kind of a bastard for using referral links on my blog?  Maybe.  But only you can help prevent forest fires.


4 thoughts on “Mr. Baby’s Wardrobe Plan”

  1. I cannot WAIT to see him in the Grandpa cardigan! So fitting!!! :)

    I really love these patterns and if I had a baby to sew for…I’d be all over them! Super cute. And yes, those pants are theeeeee cutest things ever. <3

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