I’m Sooo Excited…

…and I just can’t hide it!

Why?  Three reasons, y’all.  And if you frequent Pattern Review, make sure to take note of the third reason!

Reason one:

Like I mentioned last time, I’m making Mr. Baby a 10 piece wardrobe…

Mr. Baby

…for the Pattern Review Wardrobe contest, which runs from February 1st to March 31st:

2016 Wardrobe Contest

It’s going to be a completely Brindille & Twig wardrobe (you can see my first couple of blogged B&T makes here and here)!  I just really love these patterns, and Melissa was kind enough to help me complete my pattern collection (thank you so much, Melissa!) so I could achieve the plan above.  I have all of the patterns printed, taped and traced, ready to go in a size 9-12 month.  This weekend I will begin cutting fabric.

Speaking of fabric, I bought a bunch of Birch Organic fabrics to make these up from, and will also be using a couple of stash fabrics.  They are pretty great quality, but I’m not sure I can convince myself to ever spend as much on fabric as I did for them again.  Though, I never say never…

More on my fabrics, the individual patterns I’ll be using for his adorable, tiny wardrobe, and a review of where I bought my fabrics (Fabricworm) in the near future…

Reason two:

I’m attending a fabulous Downton Abbey WPT (Wisconsin Public Television) fundraiser with my awesome bosses in early March (so, about a month from now).

Part of the amazingness of Downton Abbey is the costumes, so there’s the issue of what to wear to this themed event.  Well, I ordered the January 2016 Burda Style from Etsy this week (I waited too long and GLP was sold out!  Waaah!), and am hoping I can find the time to make THIS DRESS:


It’s gonna be a bit difficult, though, with my already-committed-to-baby-wardrobe plans.  There’s really only so much time in a day.  We’ll see what happens!

Reason three:

I just registered for PR Weekend 2016 in Chicago!!!  :D  Who else is going?  I might be on the hunt for a roomie…


BIG thanks to my sweet hubby for taking on the task of solo munchkin care so I can go to this really fun looking event.  I am so glad I can attend, since it’s only a couple of hour drive from home this year!  SO FREAKING EXCITED.


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