Tiny Sweaters are Adorable

…truer words have never been spoken…right?

It’s been a little slow going in crafting land, since I’ve been helping to keep a tiny human alive, but the times I do get to create are even sweeter than they used to be.

I started this sweater for Mr. Baby…crap, I couldn’t tell you when I cast on for it.  My brain is mama mush, but I think it was shortly before he was born.


It’s a good thing I decided to make the 6-9 month size, because I just got it done almost a month ago (when he was about 5 months old)!



The pattern is the Drops Design McDreamy Jumper and the yarn is Knitpicks Brava Sport (100% acrylic because putting wool on a baby is just asking for chunky spit up) in the color Peacock.  The pattern called for 573 yards, but I only ended up using about a ball and a half of Brava, which equates to around 400 yards.  So, take heed that you might not need as much as is called for if you decide to take this one on!



There were a few people complaining on Ravelry (where, I couldn’t pinpoint today, I’m just remembering from some pre-sweater-knitting research) about how it was such a hard pattern because some of the stitch counts were approximated, AKA “Pick up 12-15 stitches along this edge.”  This phenomenon was very few and far between in the pattern and those people need to chill the eff out.  I wouldn’t say it’s the easiest pattern I’ve ever deciphered, but using the “one thing at a time” method of figuring out knitting directions, I got ‘er done.

Untitled Untitled

I used 1/2″ (the long way) oval wooden buttons from JoAnn, and they ended up being just a tad small; the top button is always pulling through.  If I were to do it again, which I might, I really love how the whole thing turned out, I’d either use 1/2″ ROUND buttons, or 5/8″ buttons.  I’m not going to worry about it for this iteration, though, because I’m going to blink and he’ll have grown out of it (dude is six months old and is wearing 9 month clothing!).


The one thing that was pretty BLAH about this pattern was all the finishing.  I have rarely tucked this many ends and sewn up as bits of seams on any sweater as I did on this one, even though it was knit in the round.  I was particularly a fan of the folded edge on the neckline (instead of it being left as a bound-off edge), but man, SO MUCH handsewin’ with yarn.


So, that’s that.  I’m happy.  :)  I like to think Mr. Baby is, too.  <3


In other news:

  •  I finished a nursing adapted dress for my birthday!  OK, it wasn’t really FOR my birthday, (it was for my cousin’s baby shower; can’t wait to meet her baby girl in the next month or so!) but I did get it done before the clock struck 33.
  •  I’ve finished a few other nursing clothing items since bebe’s birth, but just haven’t gotten pictures yet.  Once I do, blog posts will abound!  ABOUND, I SAY.
  • But really, speaking of blog posts abounding, my crazy ass has decided to join Pattern Review’s wardrobe contest.  I participated in the Mini Wardrobe Contest in 2014, and then made a maternity collection for the Wardrobe Contest in 2015.  This year, I’ll be making A BABY WARDROBE for the wee whippersnapper!  Because, shit, I don’t have time to make 10 adult sized garments in 2 months, and he needs some bigger clothes.  More on my plan and my fabrics next week.

12 thoughts on “Tiny Sweaters are Adorable”

  1. There has to be some rule somewhere about everything being cuter in miniature, right? =)

    This sweater is absolutely darling! It has such a grown-up vibe about it (especially with those awesome, masculine buttons you chose!) and Mr. Baby wears it very well. Can’t wait to see your wardrobe plans! (Seriously, what a brilliant idea to sew a wardrobe for him! Jess 1, Mama Brain 0!)

  2. OMG he’s so adorable! The blue sweater brings out his beautiful blue eyes :) :) Geez, I’ve become such a sappy person during pregnancy haha.

    I don’t knit (I have like zero patience for it) but I think I’ll need to convince my mom to break out of her addiction to knitting washcloths and break out to wearable items…primarily for baby! Can’t wait to see what you make for Mr. Baby…I’m enjoying that you’ve tried out patterns before I’m tempted (whenever I finally get back to sewing…)

    1. Aww, thank you. So sweet of you to say. :)

      Yes, get your mom to break out the needles for some baby sweater knitting!

      I really haven’t made a ton of stuff for him so far because they grow so fast, so it hasn’t really felt worth it, especially with the newborn fatigue…but I will have a slew of makes coming up for him with the wardrobe, so hopefully you will find some of my experience with them useful! (Specifics on those coming later today! :D)

  3. It turned out lovely! I just started knitting this in the 12-18 month size, but my little guy just turned 14 months and with winter nearing its end, I’m thinking I should rip it back and start over in a bigger size for next winter :) As a somewhat novice knitter I do find this pattern to be intimidating when you look at the big picture, but as you said, take it one step at a time! I’ve already made him one sweater and it came out great (those instructions were crystal clear!), but I can do this one too, right?!?? :D Hope you and your little one are doing well! Thanks for the inspiration to go ahead and give this pattern a go!

    1. Thank you! And yeah, especially with knitting so easy to get half done and then realize they’re going to outgrow it! Sigh. Here’s hoping you end up with a beautiful sweater for your wee one next Winter. One row at a time: you’ve got this!

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