2015 in Review

My, what a year it was!  Here’s a recap of how my life and (sometimes) sewing went in 2015:

I got pregnant!  (OK, this actually happened in 2014, but whatevs)

photo 1(2)

I made a slew of maternity clothes (dresses, tops, skirts, but no pants, because, frankly, I’m still afraid of pants after almost 20 years of sewing) to fit my growing belly, including a bunch of pieces for the Pattern Review wardrobe contest!

The Mummy Top

Simplicity 1359A

Simplicity 1469

Julie Cardigan

Mama-to-be MyrtleThis dress was featured on Girl Charlee’s blog in May!

Self drafted maternity dirndl of WTF

Cara Maternity T-Shirt

Mouse House Julia #2

Simplicity 1469

McCall's 7125

Butterick 5796 and Burda 7023

Simplicity 1359


McCall's 6347

Simplicity 1360

I made a doll quilt; and then a baby quilt!

The Teeny Tiny Quilt

Baby Boy Crib Quilt

I knit a baby blanket for Baby Cheeks, and another for his baby friend!

Leafy Baby Blanket in KP Simply Cotton Worsted

Cuddle Me in KP Simply Cotton Organic Sport



And then I made some clothes for him!

B&T Summer Romper

B&T Footie Coverall #1

I dyed the under layer of my hair purple (because, you know, that’s big news based on everything else that happened), and we had a very Merry Christmas!


Like I said, it’s been quite the year.  So happy to have spent parts of it in the loving sewing blog world with all of you lovelies.  <3  Here’s hoping that 2016 is full of love, fulfillment and discovery for all of you!


4 thoughts on “2015 in Review”

  1. I’m really impressed with your maternity wardrobe, both the garments and the fact that you were able to sew so much during pregnancy. Happy new year!

    (On Dec 29 I cut an undercut in my neck. It’s a thing that really excites me, much like your purple hair (awesome, BTW)).

  2. Yay for purple hair!!! It’s my new fave!

    You had a baby!!!! The cutest chubby cheeked baby :) and an awesome sewing year! All the best in 2016!

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