That’s One Foxy Baby

It’s been a while; sorry about that!  You can imagine (or remember/or are currently experiencing) what having a four month old baby is like.  Lots of cuddles and giggles (and crying), but not a whole lot of time for sewing or blogging.  I’ll take what I can get; he won’t be a squealing, sweet baby forever.

Anywho, thought I’d share the second item I made for the little guy before he was born…the Brindille & Twig Footie Coverall*:



I really love this pattern.  It’s drafted well, and I got it sewn together in about an hour, from what I can remember.  But who are we kidding, I don’t remember shit anymore.  MOM BRAIN.


The thing I love the most about this garment is how it keeps him completely covered with one piece:  keeping socks on a baby is like trying to catch a greased pig.


I made a newborn size, and just like the Summer Romper, it fit him more like 3 month (or 0-3 month) clothing.  We brought this with to the hospital, just in case he was a big baby, but he ended up coming home in the Carter’s newborn size coverall that was much smaller.  In the younger looking photos he’s 6 weeks and about 10.5 pounds, and in the older ones he’s 9 weeks and about 13 pounds.


I used this infamous Girl Charlee fox print jersey (but with an aqua background), and a random white interlock that I had on hand for the sleeve bands, bottoms of the feet, and the neckband.


Speaking of the neckband, I realize it looks weird.  That’s because it was me experimenting, and not a part of the original pattern.  As designed, this pattern is supposed to have snap closures with a binding that goes around the neckline and down the opening to the feet:


Photo property of Brindille & Twig

However, as I was told prior to our babe’s birth, snapping up outfits after diaper changes at 3 in the morning when you’re barely awake is a bitch and a half, so I put a zipper in instead.  My sister (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!) wasn’t wrong.  HALLELUJAH FOR ZIPPERS.

Since there is 1/4″ allowed for overlap on one side and 3/4″ allowed for overlap on the other side of the opening, I was able to just turn each side under 1/2″, stabilize with stay tape, and sew the zipper on in.  The only thing I really needed to adjust about the pattern was the shape of the neckline (rounded it out since it wasn’t overlapping anymore) and I had to come up with a treatment for the neckline.

LOL this pic is so emo

As you can see, I ended up just sewing a band with an overlap and snap.  I’m not wildly fond of how this ended up, so my plan in future iterations is to bind the edges (like you would with a onesie) after installing the zipper.  I may or may not add a little zipper pull guard underneath.


So, thar she blows!  One piece baby outfits are kind of awesome, and so easy to pop them into and off you go…so happy to have found this pattern at B&T*!


*full disclosure:  these are affiliate links.  You’ll help support my sewing habit if you buy after clicking.  :)

14 thoughts on “That’s One Foxy Baby”

  1. Very cute–the baby and the outfit! The fox print works great for the pattern. I’d been considering making this pattern for my nephews, but couldn’t really find any pattern reviews so thanks for your post!

  2. Cuteness!!! Love the fox print– makes for some super cute pjs. Zippers are the best! When my littles got to toddler-hood, I made a some zipper pjs for them using Kwik Sew 3527. :)

  3. This onesie is super cute! I’ve just printed the pattern and am a bit baffled about the binding though. There’s no pattern piece for it, and no dimensions given. Have I missed something? Did you just estimate how long a piece you wanted for the neckline? 1.5inches? Any help appreciated! xx

    1. Thank you! :) The binding measurements for the pattern as designed are on page 23 of the PDF.

      For my zippered version, I either slightly stretched as I sewed the neck binding on (and stopped a couple of inches from the end so I could finish the edge before completely sewing it to the neckline) or measured the neckline and cut a piece that was 85% to 90% of the seamline measurement, plus seam allowances for finishing the edges. Can’t remember which way I went, but one of those should work. :)

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