Thank you for all of the love and support in response to Mr. Baby’s birth story.  It is so appreciated, and it is so wonderful to be reminded of what a wonderful community sewists around the world make.

Now, it’s time to move on ahead and get back to the business of sewing!  Well, kind of.  I actually (amazingly) have had time (and energy!) to sew a few things since his birth, but first I’m going to share a couple of things I made for him in preparation for his arrival.  They’ve been FOs for five months or so, but I figured I would wait until after I had a baby to fill them to share.  If you follow me on Instagram, these next couple of posts will be vaguely familiar.

Here’s the second piece of clothing I made for the little guy (I’ll share the first with ya later!).  It’s Brindille & Twig’s Summer Romper.

B&T Summer Romper

If you have babies, toddlers, little kids and don’t know about Brindille and Twig:  you should!  Totally cute and well designed patterns, and some of them go up to size 6T!  So far I’ve purchased half a dozen of them and have been happy with the ones I’ve sewn up.

Full disclosure: those are referral links to B&T; I’ll get a bit o’ gravy to help feed my kiddo pattern addiction if you buy through them.

B&T Summer RomperThey are only offered as PDFs, which I typically loathe with the heat of 1000 fiery suns, but when they’re for such little clothes, there isn’t much to tape together!

B&T Summer RomperThis romper is such a sweet, fun little piece of clothing for a wee babe or toddler.  I honestly bought the pattern because I thought it was quirky and a bit silly:  I don’t really see a lot of babies out there wearing things like this in my neck of the woods.

B&T Summer RomperI whipped it up using some super cute Lillestoff cotton/spandex jersey that I purchased in a Midsummer Scrap Pack from Hallå Fabrics.  I really, really love the quality of the fabric, but even as a grab bag, this stuff isn’t cheap:  I paid $15 a yard not knowing what I would get.  This is not my typical MO; I think my cheapassness was temporarily crippled by crazy preggo hormones.  Luckily, they all ended up being pretty cute, and I ended up with full yards, half yards and fat halves of fabric.

B&T Summer RomperThey really get ya with these cute kiddo prints, don’t they?  Especially the super awesome “Euro knits.”  I can be convinced to spend this much on fabric to make clothes for my little man, but I would never, ever spend anywhere near that per yard for cotton/spandex for my own clothing (which, admittedly, use far more yardage).

B&T Summer RomperThe sizing seems a bit big to me; I made him a newborn size which ended up fitting well until he was about 12 pounds.  This is partially due to the spandex in the fabric I chose, though.  The photos of him on the ivory blankie and blue couch are when it was getting snug at 10 weeks and slightly over 13.5 pounds (the first three photos I took of him when he was a month old and about 10 pounds).

B&T Summer RomperIt would be nice if there were snaps at the crotch for diaper changes, but that’s something that the pattern can easily be altered to include.
B&T Summer Romper

B&T Summer RomperSpeaking of snaps, I decided that my Dritz snap setter was just not sufficient if I were to make a lot of baby clothes.  After a bit of research, I decided not to take the super fancy pro plunge, but I did get a Grip-It Snapsetter.  It’s still a bit tricky to get everything to stay in place on knit fabric before setting snaps, but is much better than ye olde Dritz.

B&T Summer RomperThe best thing about this thing (and, well, baby clothes in general)?  SUPER FAST to sew.  Little man is totally going to have at least a couple of these in his life for next Summer.

B&T Summer RomperTEEHEE!


12 thoughts on “Romper-rific”

  1. Adorable! And yeah, I’ll send more money per-yard on my daughter’s clothes, too. $18/yard for organic cotton jersey doesn’t seem that bad when you can get an entire dress out of one yard.

    The great thing about PDF patterns for kids’ clothes is that as they grow, you can just print off the next size.

  2. Oh he is SUPER cute! And what a pro poser too. Love that print and the outfit too. Very impressed with it. I’m too scared to make baby clothes (apart from one pair of trousers from an old top!) because I am still waaaay too clumsy with the small stuff right now.

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