A Tale of Two Blankies and the Uterine Squatter

Hey all!  What’s shakin’?  Not much is going on around here…  Remember how I had one more day until my due date as of my last post on July 13?  Well, I’m still waiting for my little guy to arrive.  More bitching and moaning about that later; time to talk baby blankets now.

I was very fortunate to go through my pregnancy with a buddy, who was due only 2 days after me, and sharing this experience has only made us closer.  She and her hubby joyfully welcomed their sweet, adorable new family member earlier this month, and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate his arrival than by knitting a blankie for him:

Cuddle Me in KP Simply Cotton Organic Sport

Cuddle Me in KP Simply Cotton Organic Sport

I used Knitpicks Simply Cotton Organic Sport yarn, and this pattern, Cuddle Me, that I found on Ravelry. Cuddle Me in KP Simply Cotton Organic SportCuddle Me in KP Simply Cotton Organic Sport

It was a nice and relaxing pattern to knit, but was maybe a little too much for my hands at the moment. (Yet, as you see in the title, I made TWO blankies. This was the first.)

Cuddle Me in KP Simply Cotton Organic SportCuddle Me in KP Simply Cotton Organic Sport

I’m not sure if it’s the relaxin or the slight swelling of my mitts, but I developed finger pain in these last few months of pregnancy.  Not hand pain, finger pain.  It’s rather odd, and I mostly notice it when I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  Sometimes my knuckles also feel weirdly disjointed.  I can’t be sure what exactly caused it, but I haven’t been knitting lately and I’m still experiencing it.  Here’s hoping once this baby pops out it will resolve.

Cuddle Me in KP Simply Cotton Organic SportCuddle Me in KP Simply Cotton Organic Sport I had always also planned to make a blanket for my little guy.  After the thin yarn of this one, I decided I needed something a bit beefier.  Though, that’s always a double edged sword:  thicker goes faster, but is also a bit rougher on the hands.  Especially when you choose to use cotton, (which I did, AGAIN) which has little elasticity.  Leafy Baby Blanket in KP Simply Cotton Worsted

Leafy Baby Blanket in KP Simply Cotton WorstedI used the same yarn in a worsted weight:  Knitpicks Simply Cotton Organic Worsted yarn. I also found this pattern on Ravelry: Leafy Baby Blanket.

Leafy Baby Blanket in KP Simply Cotton WorstedLeafy Baby Blanket in KP Simply Cotton Worsted

Part of me thought that maybe this pattern was a bit too feminine, but the other part didn’t give a flying fuck. And you can see which part won out.

Leafy Baby Blanket in KP Simply Cotton Worsted

‘Cause, ya know, the little guy isn’t going to care what he’s wrapped up in…just as long as he’s warm. :) Leafy Baby Blanket in KP Simply Cotton Worsted

Leafy Baby Blanket in KP Simply Cotton WorstedAnd now onto the contents of my uterus…

I’m 10 days overdue today…his uterine lease was only through the 14th and now the tiny man is officially a squatter.

I was prepared to be overdue in some sense, since my mom and sister both were with their first babies, but I didn’t think it would be this long. It has been particularly hard because I have been emotionally done with the task of carrying a baby for a good 3-4 weeks now.

Three women I know or know of who were due AFTER me have already had their babies.  There is one more I know of that is scheduled to have hers next week, and if she has her baby before me, I am going to shit a brick.

And while the edema, back, hip and finger pain, inability to lie comfortably, squirrelly baby that sometimes moves so much it hurts, and my increasing inability to sleep suck, the worst thing is the hormones. I can be fine one moment, and completely inconsolable the next.

The second worst thing is the advice. The “enjoy your alone time while you can.” Well, that sounds like a perfectly reasonable thing to say, except for the fact that the list of crap in the previous paragraph makes it a tad difficult.

Sympathy, empathy: thank you, awesome!  I really appreciate it.
Telling me to enjoy these last torturous days of my pregnancy or reminding me of how overdue I am (which I am very aware of): fuck off.  Seriously, go fuck yourself.  (while I realize I am now indirectly saying this to people, I am happy to report that I have been able to stop myself from actually saying it directly to anyone’s face.  I would like to still have friends when this pregnancy is over.)

Why, yes, I am quite the angsty drama queen these days.

I know it will all be worth it in the end, though. Right? That’s what everyone keeps telling me.  We are also really thankful that he seems to still be doing well in there, based on the tests my doctor has put me through this last week.  There is always a silver lining.

And, I’m not a huge astrology person, but apparently he wasn’t up on being a Cancer.  I’ve been told that Leos are stubborn, so this must just be his first show of protest.  C’mon baby boy, it’s time to surrender!

Please send labor vibes.

Due-o-meter:  10 days OVER


25 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Blankies and the Uterine Squatter”

  1. Well *I* was gonna say Leo’s are asshats but I mean he’s a pre-infant so…


    See? Boys are hooligans and he’s getting cracking early. This will be a fun ride.

    Holy COW those blankets are AMAZING. I’m serious. You did a beautiful job and you’re a better person than me because I probably would’ve finished the gift and then got all “well maybe I’ll just keep this one…” And no one will know O_o

    Hahaha! Hang in there. Oh and boooooooo on the finger pain. But you already know pregnancy makes your body a foreign land. Like, who and what the hell…

  2. I am ashamed to admit I laughed at your post. I do feel bad for you. I remember the seizures with my 2nd child, the vomiting with all three and leg buckling without notic, also my 2nd chil who evidently chose to rest on a nerve or tendon or something and with not notice my leg would crumble and down I’d go. So, my wish for you is that you have my three deliveries. No drugs because they never really hurt. well, the last one did, but that labor was one hour 20minutes so it didn’t hurt long. My first labor was seven and a half hours and I never experienced anything more than some moderate to severe discomfort, but never rising to the level of pain. Never needed any chemical help. I wish for you a short, painless delivery.

    I now have nine grandchildren. it just gets better and better. but yes, the pregnancies can really suck. but we all know that so no matter what you have said indirectly, all will be forgiven when baby comes, and all your friends will share your joy and laugh at your “indirect” suggestions to f…off.
    Hang in there

  3. Sending you all the SOON, EASY, QUICK labour vibes in the world, and here’s hoping you’ve got a healthy little boy snuggling into that gorgeous blanket with you in the VERY VERY near future.

  4. I have never been pregnant, and so never been overdue, but MAN if I met someone who was 10 days overdue with that list of things, I would never hold it against them if they told me to fuck off! hahah I would assume that it was all the squatters fault and get over it!

    I would just like to 2nd everything Nakisha said, those blankets are absolutely beautiful. I haven’t knit in a long time, but if I was going to, I would love to have something as lovely as them for my troubles.

    Hope the little man decides to come out and meet you soon!

  5. Your blankets are AMAZIN BALLS! I dream that one day I can make knit anything even remotely as nice as these. Yeah, I remember 4 yrs ago everyone was like, enjoy your last moments… my little guy was about around 1.5-2 wks late and I was like, just get it out of me already and shut all of your faces, I can’t even walk up the stairs! I was induced and he STILL didn’t want to come out so I had to have a c-section… he was a 9lbs 7 oz, that’s a lotta baby. But totally healthy and good! And so will your little one be when that lil squatter rolls out. I bet he will be outta there by the end of the weekend sniffing around for bewbies and cuddles from you.

    1. PS Take the drugs, don’t take the drugs, walk around, sit on a big dumb ball, lay in bed, breathe in rhythm, listen to new age music, blast death metal, punch the nurse, yell at the baby daddy, get a birthing pool room… do whatever feels right for you and eff everyone’s advice if it doesn’t work for you. Well, maybe don’t punch the nurse…

  6. Beautiful blankets. Sorry you are overdue. that is the pits in this heat. We have 2 cancers, 1 pisces, and 1 Aquarius in our house. Way too many emotional peeps. :)
    Eat some spicy food, have some sex, walk around a lot. He’ll come when he’s ready ;-)

    And good luck!

  7. Love you. I hope I haven’t given too much advice and offered the proper support. I sooooo get it. Hugs hugs hugs, love, the sister.

  8. I was 8 days overdue with my 2nd and it sucked. To make matters worse, my in-laws had been with us for 2 weeks at that point…just waiting…talk about unpleasant!

    Good luck. Sending labor vibes your way…

  9. Aw, you have my sympathy. And it’s crazy the way that these due dates work out. I went through my pregnancy with a friend whose daughter was due 6 weeks before mine. She was two weeks late, and my daughter was one week early, so we ended up with our daughters only being 3 weeks apart.

    Re: the finger pain… I developed pain in my wrists and hands late in my second trimester. It was bad enough that I saw my PCP about it (not realizing that it was pregnancy-related) and got diagnosed with gestational tendinitis. It’s apparently fairly common and went away within two weeks of giving birth.

    That said, I was so DONE being pregnant at 39 weeks (when I did give birth) that I can’t imagine going 10 days past my due date. BTW–I don’t know about you, but I turned into a sobbing mess any time I heard any version of the song “Landslide” or saw an ASPCA commercial on tv.

    1. Yes, it’s so weird with due dates! I charted, so I knew when I ovulated and hoped that would make the due date more accurate. Uh, nope. The friend mentioned in my post had her baby 3.5 weeks before me, despite our 2 day due date difference. Crazy town.

      Thankfully, the finger pain has gone now that the squatter has vacated. Whew!

      Oh, near the end, crying was pretty much part of my daily routine. I would miss a day here or there, but damn was I a fountain of tears…and really anything could set it off.

  10. Im assuming by now you’ve delivered baby boy :-) My lil’ bundle arrived 2 weeks early but I was already on my last tether with being pregnant. I had pain & discomfort in places I didnt even know I had but more than that, I just wanted to meet my baby.
    6 weeks into this rodeo now so over the first dismal weeks were everything just feels spacey.
    Hope you have recovered/recovering well and enjoying time with your boy x

    1. Man, 2 weeks early. Lucky duck!

      But yeah, I hear you. By the time I got to 37 weeks I was like “Thank goodness. Anytime now!” Little did I know that he wouldn’t arrive until 5 weeks and 1 day later…and still not willingly!

      Hope you are also recovering well and are getting some sleep!

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