The Final Maternity Dress

I just have this one last dress to show you:  Simplicity 1360.  It was one of those patterns that I really loved the looks of, bought, and then forgot about for the last 8 1/2 months or so.

Simplicity 1360 Simplicity 1360

And because I’m a crazy ass, I woke up one weekend morning not long ago (OK, it was June 20) and decided to make it.  4-5 hours later, I had a dress!  I used a great rayon/cotton/lycra 4 way stretch jersey that I picked up at (where else?) Fabric Mart.

Simplicity 1360Despite it’s sufficient stretch, the dress ended up a bit…snug…in areas.  I made a 12, but should have gone for a 14 instead.  We’ll just say that perhaps I’ve been a bit in denial about the almost 50 pounds I’ve gained since last November.  Silver lining:  once I start to lose some baby weight, this dress should (in theory) fit a bit better instead of being too big.  We shall see. Simplicity 1360

Simplicity 1360It was a bit of a puzzling slog to read through the directions to complete the knot in front, but I just used the same approach I do with complicated knitting patterns:  One line at a time.  Just pretend you’re a robot and do what each step says instead of overthinking it, you’ll get ‘er done.

Simplicity 1360

The neckline as marked on this dress is quite low; definitely too low for any of the bras I can currently wear (which are 3 different matronly colors of the same wireless bra).  I ended up sewing the neck up, then a little more, then a little more, then a final bit more.  Yes, after the initial sewing of the neckline, I went back THREE TIMES to make sure my bra would be hidden (and the bras don’t have a super tall “bridge!”). Simplicity 1360The only part of the dress that wouldn’t really behave as sewn was between the top of the knot and the bottom of the neckline…hello gaping hole of bra observation!  No one needs to see that.  I ended up hand tacking a few stitches, and fixed ‘er up real nice like.

Simplicity 1360

Don’t really have much else to say about this one, other than…love the clean, modern silhouette!  The knot and front waterfall are pretty neato. Simplicity 1360

Due-o-meter:  1 day
Ya know, give or take.


12 thoughts on “The Final Maternity Dress”

  1. Your maternity makes are really pretty, it seams like a lot of seamstresses do not see the point in ‘temporary’ maternity clothes. Yours are amazing, I bet all of your pregnant friends are jealous or hoping to borrow your dresses. Pregnancy looks great on you, you are glowing.

  2. Gorgeous color! Such a nice final maternity sewing project. It’s been so fun watching you grow over the past months… I wish you the very best in your delivery… and a healthy little one with 10 fingers and 10 toes :)

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