The Muumuu Dress

I made a shirt variety of muumuu-ness for my wardrobe, so I thought it was only right to round out my pregnancy with the dress variety.  This dress, OOP McCall’s 6347, is a “special” one. I finished it mid-May, but have been pretty blog apathetic as of late.

McCall's 6347

When I first saw this pattern, I was oddly attracted to the lines of it, but I knew it would in no way be flattering on me.  I ended up buying it with the thought “if I get pregnant someday, this would make a great maternity dress”  Alrighty then.

McCall's 6347

And shit, it does!  Sure, it’s a little short, but it’s July (hello heat!) and I really DGAF so much.
McCall's 6347And yeah, you can see my bra straps when I wear it because it has a weirdly narrow not-quite-racerbackish neckline, which I could have corrected if I had paid attention, but you know what?  DON’T CARE.  :) McCall's 6347
McCall's 6347Can we talk about the weird gathered side flap things, though?  They (and the yoke + bodice gathering) are what attracted me to the pattern, but I still just think they’re weird.  The voluminous floppily gathered upper portions are like pockets that went on strike.  “Hell no, we won’t hold!” McCall's 6347
McCall's 6347Honestly, they kinda remind me of “Nature’s Pocket”  They CAN hold stuff (I tried!) but would be almost as awkward to retrieve said stuff from…

Watch this at your own risk if you’re at work…

This is the kind of super comfortable, yet awkward dress that your sister makes fun of and leads to a gleeful warning of “I’m wearing the sack again today!” before she sees you.  This dress knows it’s weird and it don’t care, it don’t give a shit.  Much like a honey badger. McCall's 6347

I cut a straight medium and am happy with the fit for the most part (besides the bit of strain in the upper back)

McCall's 6347

It’s helpful that the only fitted area is in the shoulders/bust.  The rest of it is freeeee flowin’.  As you’ve seen, I chose to tame it with some wide twill tape.  There’s always letting the beast free to roam, in true muumuu fashion:

McCall's 6347

McCall's 6347

I used a light weight, yet suitably opaque, cotton/poly jersey (no spandex, very little stretch) from Girl Charlee.  I first spotted the fabric over at Aleah’s blog and placed an order in late March, with mixed results.  I haven’t been too tempted to order again as of yet, but I’d never say never.

McCall's 6347

Today is my last day of work until sometime in October.  I had fully intended on working until I went into labor, but decided that I need a break before the little guy arrives.  Hoping to sew up some nursing garments that have been cut and waiting, and get a couple more outfits sewn for him as I wait, but I do already have 2 outfits and a blankie finished for him that I have yet to share.  More on those later!

Due-o-meter:  4 days
But, you know, whenever he decides to “crack out” (as my 3 year old niece says).


3 thoughts on “The Muumuu Dress”

  1. LOL. Did you take these pictures a while ago or is your camera slimming? I feel like you look bigger in this dress than in this photos. That is the one drawback of a sack dress. I should ask your three year old niece when she thinks you will crack.

  2. I actually really like this! Except the striking pockets, that’s just crazytown. I actually also have this pattern, which I bought for the straight racerback dress and made two of that view, and swore I would never touch the bizarre gather party view. But the yoke is kinda winning me over.

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