Bouncing Baby Boy Shower Dress

A few weeks ago, a bunch of my family and friends came together to celebrate the impending arrival of our baby boy.  I had definitely wanted to make a dress for the occasion, and the first pattern I eyed was the delightful French pattern, 13H by Deuxieme Arrondissement.


However, my energy had been waning, so I put it off.  Plus, with my limited preggo brain capacity at the moment, I was a bit daunted by the prospect of using a sewing pattern written in French.  And weirdly, there is no size chart listed for their patterns, which then made me a bit concerned about which size to make, or whether the pattern would come big enough at all (I’d gained quite a bit in the last (at that point) 7.5ish months…).

I decided to seek out alternatives, and ended up finding that McCall’s 6557 was quite close enough for my taste, so I picked it up:


However, I continued putting it off.  And off…  And began to concede that I would just wear something I already had.

But then I happened to see THE fabric at FabricMart, which I ordered on May 18:  a fun stretch cotton sateen.  Less than two weeks before the shower.

Then, even though I had ordered the fabric, I was still pretty skeptical that I would actually get it done.  Instead of getting right to work on a muslin, I waited for the fabric, which arrived speedily 3 days later, May 21.  We then had a busy weekend celebrating our 1 year anniversary (:D) and I didn’t get around to prepping to sew until about a week before the event.

I am such a procrastinator.

And that, my friends, is when I went balls-to-the-wall on this dress. And this is how it turned out!


Thankfully, with a greater than one inch FBA (using a technique similar to this but without the added side dart;  I’d show you the pattern piece if I could find it now…but, alas…I believe the circular file has absconded with it.) and a bit of lengthening (to accommodate my FLB:  full, low bust.  Big ol’ droopy boobs of undetermined size, y’all), the bodice fit pretty great on the first muslin.

DSCN1957I also made a swayback adjustment (typical for me) and had to take it in about 1 1/2″ on each side of the upper back (and I could’ve taken it in a bit more than that).

DSCN1966I decided to omit the waistband (hullo, no waist here!) and sewed the circle skirt right onto the dress.  I had to widen the waist of the skirt a bit wider to compensate (just did the math and then measured down that amount at the waistline like you would if drafting a circle skirt instead of adding width to the sides of the skirt), but it worked like a charm.

DSCN1971I handpicked the zipper because I enjoy the control it affords.

DSCN1969I also considered nicely finishing the insides of the dress, but it was major time crunch time and I came to my senses by asking myself “What if you aren’t able to wear this again with a future pregnancy?  Why put the time in?”  A mild case of sanity-saving “fuck-its” ensued.

DSCN2069I had a minor struggle with how to address the unevenness of the hem, but finally decided to cut the skirt as is and then have Mr. 5 help me by measuring off the ground from the shortest point to even it out as much as possible.  I then trimmed based on his markings and used a baby hem foot to finish the dress.

DSCN1951Needless to say, the belly has grown just a tad more since that hem job.

I had a wonderful time at the shower; we are so blessed to have so many wonderful family and friends that already love our little guy so much. <3


11390101_10103950356495812_1557934236905307660_nMy cousister and sister, hosts extraordinaire  :)


16 thoughts on “Bouncing Baby Boy Shower Dress”

  1. Excellent job! It’s a lovely dress, and it doesn’t look that “unfinished” on the inside! How exciting for you – good luck with the rest of the pregnancy. You look very happy!

  2. I’m so glad you fixed the link on patternreview. This was great fun to read. Good luck and blessings on the upcoming birthing adventure!

  3. To feel beautiful during the last weeks of the pregnancy is worth every effort, even if you’ll only wear the dress a few times. Trust me :) You look great, and the dress looks great on you – is lovely. I wish you good luck these last weeks/days of your pregnancy and with the birthing part as well.

  4. You look wonderful Jess! I’ve just assumed sewing for a big belly would be terribly difficult…but you’re making it look easy-peasy! Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy :)

  5. I can not believe that you can get this beautiful dress made at this point in your pregnancy! You are amazing and a trooper! I did have to lol at your case of the fuck-its – I have that, and have no pregnancy to blame it on! Love the dress, I do hope you can wear it post pregnancy, but even if not, it served it’s purpose beautifully.

  6. First off: I love seeing your posts come up in my feed, because the way you phrase things just kills me. (In a good way!) Please blog forever, kthanx.

    You look so gorgeous, and so does this dress! Take heart that you are wayyyy more productive than some of us (who do not have a li’l chest-burster to blame it on), AND you look damn good doin’ it. =)

    GOOD LUCK with what’s left of your pregnancy–I’ll be thinking happy thoughts for a quick and safe delivery for you and your kiddo!

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