So, What’s Next?

I am starting to feel the crunch of the time left before the impending arrival of Baby SometimesSewist (also known as The Panda, or more recently, The Squirrel/Thumper).  He should be arriving 8 weeks from today, give or take a couple of weeks, of course.  ;) Before I enter the daze of New Motherhood in July, here is what I am hoping to accomplish sewing-wise.

For my little guy:

1.  Finish crib quilt.  Here’s the progress I’ve made as of this post.


2.  Diaper bag:  Simplicity 2924 with this fabric.



3.  This newborn gown with this fabric.


4.  A “going home” outfit.  What did you dress your baby in for his or her first trip in the car?

5.  Knit this baby blanket.

6.  Maybe:  This adorable Summer Romper in this fabric.

Summer Romper


For me: With only 2ish months left, it doesn’t make sense to make myself too much else to wear, but there are still some things I need/would like to:

1.  Must:  Nursing nightgown for the hospital.  Planning to adapt a pattern in stash, unless one of you has a really awesome idea for me!  My current thoughts for a solution (both using knits):

Butterick 5792


Converting pleats to gathers with elasticized neckline (and no damn ruffles) for pull-down nursing access


Butterick 6031


Lengthening bodice (in both directions for modesty) and creating a pull up panel with nursing access underneath

2.  Maybe:  Dress for my baby shower.  Not sure of the fabric, but the plan would be to adapt McCall’s 6557.


3.  Maybe:  McCall’s 6347, view B, which is OOP and I randomly bought a couple of years ago for if/when I got pregnant.  Not something I would usually wear, but I was allured by the volume, flattery be damned.  I sort of forgot about it until just now.


4.  Maybe:  Simplicity 1360, view D, because I like wearing dresses in Summer and have heard really great things about this one.  Think it will work well postpartum as well, but not really sure on the nursing front.


I also have been pondering nursing clothes in general, but feel like it doesn’t make much sense for me to go making a bunch of stuff before I know what size I’ll be.  Will probably end up making due with things I have or buying ready to wear. So, those are my plans for the next 6 weeks or so!  Not planning to do any sewing in July unless I really, really want to.  :)  Looking at them all written down is making me realize that I may not be able to complete everything I want to, but I’ll do my best to get the important things done. P.S. If you’re a PR member, voting for the Wardrobe Contest started yesterday!  You can check out all of the composite reviews (mine is here) and place your votes here: 2015 Wardrobe Contest


10 thoughts on “So, What’s Next?”

  1. Simplicity 1360 looks to me like it would work well for nursing, also the gathered fabric at the front is nice to have if you don’t want anything tight around your mid section. On my first baby I bought a couple of nursing tops, but was never entirely comfortable with the styles. On my next two babies I tweaked rtw…. My favourite tops were wrap fronted Cardigans (like the top part of a wrap dress.) I then bought lots of cotton/Elastane tees, which I cut to crop top length. I then wore the crop tee under the wrap cardigans – pushing the wrap to the side and lifting the tee meant easy access for feeding. It also meant I was warm and as I was a little self conscious of my tummy, I loved having the double fabric layer of the cardi. I hope that makes sense!

  2. I recommend making some nursing tops now. You won’t have time when the baby comes, unless you have put on a lot of weight during the pregnancy, you will be the same size as before just with a little more stomach.
    Jalie have great nursing patterns, limited but great.
    Why don’t you make the simplicity dress into a nightie? I think it will work well.

    1. Yeah, I’ve taken your recommendation to heart and ordered a couple of the Jalie nursing top patterns. I’ve gained almost 40 pounds so far with my pregnancy, but a nice stretchy jersey can do wonders!

  3. You have some great patterns and fabric there. I love the mustache fabric! So cute for the going home outfit :) My mother hand knit my babies outfits for the coming home trip, very special when it is handmade with love :)

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