Wardrobe Achieved!

OK, I already mentioned last time that I got everything done for my wardrobe, but now all of my reviews are written and I’ve submitted my composite review to Pattern Review…so I am REALLY DONE!

Here are the outfits I’m able to make with these 9 pieces (please excuse my cankles; they suck):



collage2bAnd to recap, here are all of the pieces I made! (I also used a pair of ready to wear denim shorts in my wardrobe)

Colette Patterns Myrtle dress

Mama-to-be MyrtleMegan Nielsen Cara Tee

Cara Maternity T-ShirtMouse House Creations Julia cardigan

Mouse House Julia #2Simplicity 1469 (Megan Nielsen nursing top)

Simplicity 1469McCall’s 7125 top

McCall's 7125Butterick 5796 top and Burda 7023 skirt

Butterick 5796 and Burda 7023Simplicity 1359 skirt

Simplicity 1359Make sure to check out all of the other awesome entries here:

2015 Wardrobe Contest

And if you’re a member of PR and like what you see, I’d love your vote!  I’m not exactly sure when voting begins, but I’ll post a reminder when it’s time.  :)


6 thoughts on “Wardrobe Achieved!”

  1. That’s a great looking wardrobe and an ambitious project for you! I wish I had had the energy to sew when pregnant, but in stead I relied mainly on hand-me-downs. Great job!

  2. Your wardrobe is one of my favorites already–way to go!! I am so impressed at how much you were able to get done, too! Such a feat is likely a challenge for any sewist, but the fact that you rocked it during the “ALL YOUR ENERGY ARE BELONG TO BABBY” stage of gestation is really amazing. Good luck in the contest, and enjoy wearing your new wardrobe!

  3. Wow, this is impressive. I did a little sewing for myself this pregnancy but it was all t-shirts and easy knit skirts because I did not have the capacity for real concentration! You have put together a great maternity wardrobe.

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