The Phoenix Skirt

It’s an understatement to say that I was less than enthused with how my over-the-bump dirndl skirt turned out.  As such, I sent it to Valhalla this weekend and this quite simple, but delightfully wearable, phoenix rose from the ashes:

Simplicity 1359And no, I don’t give a crap that I’m mixing Norse and Greek mythology.  I do what I want!

This is the short skirt included in Simplicity 1359.  You might recall that I made a top from the same pattern.  So far, 2 for 2 on wearability for pieces included in this pattern.  Huzzah!

Simplicity 1359As mentioned previously, the fabric used is a double knit from JoAnn of content that I have forgotten.  As far as I recall, there is some rayon, poly and spandex.

Simplicity 1359After hacking the waistband off of the previous skirt, I realized that I had another very stretchy blue fabric of similar color with fantastic recovery in my stash.  I originally purchased it from Fabricline (AKA Rose City Textiles) and made a tank dress/swimsuit coverup for our honeymoon that I never blogged.  I also can’t remember its exact composition, but it’s a jersey, I’m fairly certain it’s wicking, and it’s either poly or nylon with mucho spandex.  Basically perfect for a maternity panel.

Simplicity 1359I made a straight medium and used a wonderfully soft elastic I picked up from Sew Sassy many moons ago (when I was thinking I would learn how to make bras; that sure hasn’t happened yet!).  I love how comfortable and forgiving it is; anything that presses on my belly too much really piss me off at the moment.

Simplicity 1359So yeah, there it is:  the final piece of my wardrobe!  It may not be the most interesting conclusion, but it is solid and will be worn.

Simplicity 1359Wardrobe Contest Completion Progress:  8 of 8.  DONE-ZO.  For reals!
Days left until deadline:  2

Whee!  I’ll post a recap and show you all of the outfits these 8 pieces can make (well, 9 including some ready to wear denim shorts) within the next couple of days.

So glad I was able to FINISH!


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