I’ve finished two more pieces of my wardrobe!  I have mixed feelings about this outfit as a whole, but I’ll get to that in a minute.  Here they are:  Butterick 5796 (view A) top, and Burda 7023 skirt.

Butterick 5796 and Burda 7023

My original thought with these particular pieces was to make what amounts to a 2 piece “little black dress” within my 9 piece wardrobe.  I made both pieces out of a cotton/spandex blend from Girl Charlee (previously mentioned here).  I think that goal was generally successful, but one piece definitely outshines the other in my eyes.

Butterick 5796 and Burda 7023

I’m a huge fan of how the skirt turned out, and especially happy about how quick and easy it was to pop together.  It was kind of amazing how quickly, and what a great fit I got.  I mean, really:  dat ass.  I haven’t said that about myself in quite a few months.  It was such a quick and awesome sew that I am already done talking about it.  YUP.

Butterick 5796 and Burda 7023

The top is a different story:  I didn’t realize I had that weird crease right under my boobs while we were taking the pictures, (apparently I told Mr. 5 I didn’t give a shit; I was at the onset of hangry when we started taking photos and it was looking like rain at any second) but that is not my only beef.

Butterick 5796 and Burda 7023

I had to read the first few directions of the pattern about half a dozen times over, and even then I kind of doubted what I did was correct.  The neckline has you roll down the shoulder and then sew the knotted part around that area.  Once it was done, I stared at it for a good 10 minutes trying to decide if I had done it right.  I think I did.  Ha.  In any case, I didn’t redo it.

Looking at the photos again, I wonder if it is sewn correctly.  The top of this thing is such a hot mess.  Hot mess, I say.  The fabric also doesn’t have quite enough drape to make the “knot” lay nicely.  

Butterick 5796 and Burda 7023
Ugh; fuckin’ hell

When sewing the back to the front, I encountered more confusion:  there is a self facing that turns to the back and then you stitch the shoulder and the facing in one fell swoop.  The side WITH the knot matched up perfectly.  The other side did not at all; the shoulder portion was much too short, so I ended up using part of what was SUPPOSED to be the facing as part of the front of the shirt.  Doing so made that side of the neckline lay funnily.  Ugh.  I really don’t think this was user error, but I could be wrong.

I blame you, Butterick.  Seriously, WTF.

Butterick 5796 and Burda 7023

The rest of the top sewed up pretty well…except for the armscye.  The pattern called for the almost-always-ill-advised “turn and stitch” and in my folly, I decided to follow suit.  My reasoning?  This is a 4-way stretch fabric, and maybe this will work better with my coverstitch machine than it has with my sewing machine in the past.

Butterick 5796 and Burda 7023

Uh, no.  Not so much (as you probably really noticed in the up close photo of the knot, above).  Stretched out floppy, ploppy, poo armholes.  UGH.  This is why I typically flip the “turn and stitch” the bird and sew a binding on instead.  It’s like I don’t learn.  CURSES!  Another lesson on taking shortcuts.

Butterick 5796 and Burda 7023

Le sigh…  I’m looking at the bright side, though:  I really love how all 3 of my other wardrobe tops came out (1 2 3).  One dud out of four isn’t completely awful.

Butterick 5796 and Burda 7023

Wardrobe Contest Completion Progress:  8 of 8 (WOOHOO!)
Days left until deadline:  4

…But wait, there’s more!  In the process of reworking my whale of a tale dirndl skirt.  So, really, this is just 7 out of 8 completed.


16 thoughts on “Ma-ma-VOOM”

  1. Your post had me laughing and I know how frustrating it is when something doesn’t want to “behave”. I do like the rouching on the skirt. I think you did a good job the outfit looks really cute on you. Together it looks like a little black dress…a hot mama little black dress ;)
    Hope your feeling well, you look fantastic.

    1. SO frustrating when things don’t behave. Do what you’re supposed to, crazy pattern!

      And thank you, you are so sweet. Feeling pretty good besides the cankles and marshmallow feet I sport at the end of every day. :)

  2. I’m SO glad you kept the skirt in. It is fantastic!!! And I really, really like the whole look. I had to go back and check out the mishaps in the top so I say rock it!

    You’re kicking butt. Yay for keeping with the plan!

  3. Lookin’ good, Mama!

    I had the same experience lately with “turn over and stitch.” When it comes to armholes it Does. Not. Work. no matter how much lycra is in the fabric…

  4. Ooooh, I do love me that skirt <3 & I actually made the Butterick top, same view as you too. I found the twist front to be the fiddliest freakin thing to get right so I feel your pain. I actually still need to blog that particular top but its been in such heavy rotation since I made it & always seems to be in the wash when I have time to photograph it!
    This black ensemble is gorgeous & Im sure you & bump will get plenty more wear from it. Love your lippie colour too :)

    1. Thanks! :) Sounds like you are enjoying your top a bit more than I am mine! Did you find the right shoulder/front neck facing was weird, or was that user error on my part?

      1. I dont recall having had trouble with the right neck facing but I found the whole construction so fiddly & frustrating on the whole so maybe I just made it work & look ok without focussing on what matches up etc – I tend to approach sewing that way in general. Congrats on your 8 of 8….Glad one of us had the energy to do it :)

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