The Cropped Muumuu

OMG you guys…I finished another top!  OK, it’s not really OMG worthy, but it is kind of funny to me since it’s a silhouette I wouldn’t have given a second glance without a squirrel in the oven (hey, that’s what it feels like these days).  Meet McCall’s 7125:

McCall's 7125

View D

The most voluminous shirt you have ever seen…and it’s not a maternity pattern!

McCall's 7125

This one is meant for the ladies that like things loose, and when I say loose I mean OMG SPACE FOREVER.  I could provide a small family cover if it were to rain, and it will be great for nursing:  just pop that baby up yonder!

McCall's 7125

Now, in these first few photos I have it nicely tied to create the illusion of a waist, er, whatever I have these days.  Here’s what this bad boy looks like in its unbridled glory:

McCall's 7125MUUMUU alert!  But you know, short and sweet as muumuus go. I just couldn’t let my pregnancy pass by without making at least one piece of clothing that was reminiscent of a tent.  That said, I like it; I really like it!  It’s nice and airy, and I finally got to use a bit (OK, kind of a lot top-wise.  GARGANTUAN) of this pretty crinkle chiffon that has been in my stash for way too long.

McCall's 7125

In a perfect world, this would be a rayon challis top.  In the actual world, it’s polyester, (both the chiffon and the Casa crepe underlayer) so it might kind of suck in the dog days of Summer, but the colors worked well together and with my wardrobe, and I was (again) determined to shop the stash, so there ya go…

McCall's 7125McCall's 7125

Because the top layer is sheer, I decided to go with french seams for the whole shebang. This monster has a lot of ease, so I decided to make a small instead of the pattern envelope recommended medium.    Happy with that decision and the fit!

McCall's 7125

So yeah, thar she blows.  That reminds me, better not wear this one fast and loose on a windy day without some undercover.

McCall's 7125

Wardrobe Contest Completion Progress:  6 of 8
Days left until deadline:  7


12 thoughts on “The Cropped Muumuu”

  1. Great top! The top and under layer look so pretty together. It looks like it would be airy for summer – although I know polyester gets a bad rap in hot weather ;-)

    1. Thanks, Kristin! I will probably end up wearing it in full tent fashion more than cutely tied with the ribbon for the sake of ventilation. Have it on right now and am already getting a bit sweaty… :\

    1. Thank you! And…right? I can’t imagine this would be flattering under other circumstances (as in, not during pregnancy), but style is so personal and you never know what will float someone’s boat.

  2. OMG you’re so silly!!!! I laughed way too much.

    It IS really, super cute on you! And I love the color and lightness. Maybe it won’t be too bad later.

    You are definitely rocking it out!! So smart to cut everything out first!

  3. I love your choice of fabric and the ribbon goes nicely, I do have a question I am making view D also and on the pattern it says to cut on the first line says cut here for C and D I thought that is a mistake because that would shorten the blouse
    the second line says to shorten for a 5/8 inch hem so I am confused which cutting line did you use for your blouse? Marney

    1. Sorry for my delayed response! I’m sure you’ve completed your top by now, but I’ll answer anyway. I don’t have the pattern in front of me, but I believe I used both cutting lines – one for the longer layer and the other for the shorter layer. :)

  4. Your top looks very pretty. I was wondering if you had thought about modifying the pattern to make a top for nursing. I was thinking of trying this for my daughter who just had a baby.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I think this would work great as a nursing top using opaque fabrics for both layers. You’d just need to cut and reinforce a couple of nursing access slits/holes in the under layer.

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