Cara Maternity T-riffic

I’ve been working on sewing up a storm for Pattern Review’s Wardrobe contest…and here’s my third garment:  Megan Nielsen’s Cara Maternity T-Shirt (formerly Ruched Maternity Shirt)!

Cara Maternity T-ShirtDare I say…it could be love?  Oh, not just could, it IS love!  I LOVE HOW THIS THING TURNED OUT.

Which is quite the relief after last week’s humpback skirt debacle.  But, I digress.

Cara Maternity T-ShirtI was resitant to purchase this pattern because it was only available in (horrid to me) PDF print-n-tape format.  Seeing how it turned out, I am very glad I overcame my hesitation.

Cara Maternity T-ShirtHowever, as often seems to happen, right after I bought the PDF Megan announced on her blog that soon all of her patterns will be available again as paper patterns.  She doesn’t say when the maternity line will be re-printed, but if you prefer paper over PDF and have a few months to wait, it might be worth it to you to delay your pattern purchase.

Cara Maternity T-ShirtI whipped this tee up from the Girl Charlee cotton/rayon/spandex jersey I mentioned in my review of them.  And let me tell you, it feels fucking awesome on.  I wanted to roll in it when it was mere yardage, but it was hard to convince myself to take it off at the end of the day.  SO COMFY.

Cara Maternity T-ShirtThat’s the good stuff.  The bad stuff is that attempting to cut a 4 way stretch chevron print that seems to be printed slightly off grain so that there is any matching whatsoever is enough to make you want to Veruca Salt it.  For reals.  I cut all of my garments on on a giant cutting mat with a rotary cutter, so you know I’m doing what I can to control a jersey.  Matching stripes is child’s play compared to this stuff.

Cara Maternity T-ShirtI made a medium; she recommends that you use your early second trimester measurements, and the fit is spot on.  Woohoo!

Cara Maternity T-ShirtTo add some stability on the sleeve hem and shirt hem, I used some Steam a Seam 2 (light weight double sided fusible tape).  I like what it adds to the sleeve, but feel like the shirt hangs a little funny because of the little bit of extra bulk and will not use it there in future versions.

Cara Maternity T-ShirtThis thing is solid, and I’m pretty dang happy with it.

Cara Maternity T-ShirtWardrobe Contest Completion Progress:  3 of 8
Days left until deadline:  14



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