Mama-to-be Myrtle

So, it’s taken me a bit, but I finally got all eight of my Wardrobe Contest garments cut out last week!  I finished sewing the first two garments last weekend.  Here’s the first:  a Maternity Colette Myrtle!


I got a lot of wear out of the Myrtle I made last Summer, so I thought, hey, let’s try to mama-ize this thing.  And, hallelujah, it was pretty dang easy!

I started out by cutting a size bigger (made a small before, this time a medium) but feel like I should have gone a smidge bigger than that, since my Girl Charlee cotton jersey has very little stretch.  We’re talking near-woven characteristics here.  It still works, though:  at least for now.

2020-02-13_0065In case you are in a place where you’d like to follow suit, here are the maternity-specific adjustments I made:
–  Added 3″ to the center front edge of the skirt pattern piece, which makes for 6″ of extra girth in the front, for da belly.  I then gathered the center portion of the upper skirt front (starting 1/4 of the skirt width from the edge, which made for gathering 1/2 of the skirt width), and pinned to fit the front bodice
–  Shortened the entire bodice by 3″
–  Used 5/8″ (AKA what I had on hand) instead of 1″ elastic (I ain’t got no waist to define here!  Just need a little pull-in), and because of this sewed only a 3/4″ seam allowance for the casing instead of 1 1/4″
–  Lengthened the center front skirt hem by 2″ to allow for the bump, gradually truing to the side seams


Based on my previous Myrtle, I also made these changes:
–  Raised underarm 1/2″ to cover bra-  Narrowed center back neck edge by a total of 3/4″ (trimmed 3/8″ wedge off at neck, truing to waist).  The back was a bit wide for me before, but it’s aces now!
–  3/4″ swayback (which is something I usually need, so YMMV)


If I were to do it over again (always learnin’ over here, folks!), I would either:

Use a fabric with more stretch, preferably 4-way (the GC fabric has no lycra, but I decided to use it because the print works so well with the other fabrics in the wardrobe).

OR (if using similarly stretchy fabric)

Shorten the bodice by only 2″ so I could sew the casing UP (instead of having to sew it down over all of that gathering, though that actually turned out much better looking than I anticipated) and also allow for a bit more bust room.


Overall, I’m pleased.  Yay for more clothes I can actually wear right now!

2020-02-13_0063Wardrobe Contest Completion Progress:  1 of 8
Days left until deadline:  19

12 thoughts on “Mama-to-be Myrtle”

    1. Thanks, darlin’! I was like “man, some parts of this dress don’t look as good photographed as I thought they did in person…” except for the back; got that part figured out! Woohoo!

    1. Thanks, Kathy! I’m a little surprised by my gumption as well. I think it’s the fact that I know I won’t have a lot of time to sew soon that’s making me cram it in while I can!

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