The Julia Cardi

Hate is a strong word, but I’m going to use it rapaciously here and reiterate:  I hate printing and taping together PDF patterns.  I hate it more than I hate tracing patterns, adjusting the fit of patterns, or cutting my fabric.  I hate figuring out how to store them, and I hate how bulky they are in general.  Dealing with PDF patterns is the lowliest of low tasks in my sewing world.

But every once in a while I see something I just want to make that only comes as a PDF, drudgery be damned.  DAMNED, I say!

And that’s where Julia came in.

Julie Cardigan

The Julia Cardigan is a Mouse House Creations pattern.  I was intrigued when I saw it offered in one of the Perfect Pattern Parcels last year (speaking of, does anyone know if they’re totally done with that or are they going to offer more?  Seems to me to probably be the former), but wasn’t all that jazzed about its parcel buddies so I didn’t buy.  Then, about a month ago, I happened across a 50% off sale on their site and decided it was fate:  I snatched Julia up for a mere $4.50 (you can pick it up any ol’ day for $9).

The assembly of the pattern was very smoothly:  everything matched up perfectly!  Hallelujah.

Julie CardiganAlso, you’ll notice that this isn’t a maternity pattern, which I’m sure you’re starting to get sick of.  Don’t worry, only 3 more months of that!  Well, probably less, dependent on gumption.  ;)  This is a “normal” cardigan that those harboring fetuses, or those who are not, can wear!  Fun for all!

Julie CardiganI’m working with about a 40″ bust at this point (with most of that junk in the front), and ended up making a medium, which the size chart lists is for a 35-36″ bust.  I’m satisfied with how it turned out!  Since this cardi is not meant to close, figuring your size out is really all about assessing where you have the most, uh, bulk, in your bustline.  The only thing I feel is a bit big on my cardi is the sleeve band, but I’ll probably leave that more or less be for future versions in case I decide to wear a half or 3/4 sleeve top underneath.

Julie CardiganOne thing I don’t really understand why the only finished measurements on the pattern are vertical.  How is that helpful?  Sleeve length can be easily adjusted, and I don’t really care how long the side seam is.  That’s just about my only criticism.  The cardigan sews together easily and looks great when done.

Julie CardiganI used another 60″ wide mystery sweater knit from my stash.  Really have no idea where I bought it, but I made the version with the self-lined collar (they call it the “doubled over version”) and was able to cut the whole cardi out using only a 1 1/2 yards.  Nice.  According to the sort of confusing fabric requirement chart, it should have taken 2 5/8 yards, so take note.

Julie CardiganSewing Forecast:  I still haven’t sewn anything for the Wardrobe Contest, but I have four of my eight garments cut out.  Hoping to have them ALL cut and 1-2 garments sewn by the end of this weekend, but we’ll see how that goes with everything else we have planned and want to get accomplished.  Life is always getting in the way of sewing, isn’t it? ;)




16 thoughts on “The Julia Cardi”

  1. I wish I could rub yo’ belly!!!!! <3

    It's SO cute! And what a great use of the yardage. It's nice to know those "bang for your buck" patterns.

    So so cute.

    1. You could rub your monitor! :P And thank you. :)

      Weirdly, my second Julia took 2 1/4 yards to cut out, and I’m pretty sure the fabric was the same width. Still less yardage than the designer calls for, though!

  2. I read last week that they are going to have another pattern parcel later in the year (vague I know) I’ve only made one of these cardigans so far and didn’t use the self lined collar version, mistake on my part, yours looks great and is a good kick in the butt to get around to doing so!

  3. I made this last year and never blogged it, but I love it too! Reminds me I need to make another one!
    I also generally hate pdf patterns, but I’ve been making a ton of them lately because I’m kind of over the big 5 commercial patterns. I found that the best way to store them is in those accordian folders from the office supply section at target. Once they’re taped together and cut out, I fold ’em up and stick them in the folder. I have the biggest accordian folder they have (maybe 20 slots), and it’s all filled up now…

    1. Woohoo for Julia! I’ve folded up a few of my taped together patterns and feel like they’ll never flatten out again if I want to use them. But, your solution does really sound like the most sensible one. Don’t have room to roll them each up for storage.

      1. i fold em up after use, and put clips on the top … i don’t really worry about them laying flay again, b/c i undo them then tape them to the window, apply a layer of tracing paper and trace standing up — soooo much easier on the back … refold and they are all good to go …. just a thought ….

  4. I love cardi’s. I’ve been eyeing this one up but I, too, despise PDF’s for all your above reasons. This looks cute on you and hopefully will get some wear post-baby :)

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