The Maternity Dolman

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I had three garments on the sewing table.  I got all three of them done (and finished a fourth that has been languishing for a long time) in the weekend after that post!  Now, taking photos and blogging is a different matter, as many of you know.

In any case, here’s the first one:  Simplicity 1359!  I whipped up view A:  a super simple (we’re talking 4 pattern pieces.  SUPA SIMPLE!) short sleeved dolman top with side ties:

Simplicity 1359A

Oh, and I got a haircut, too!  Decided I wanted a bit less layering (short term fix for that is shorter hair, which is Springy as well) and spur of the moment I asked for bangs; I haven’t had true bangs for…10 years or so?  Woot!  Both my dad and aunt told me I looked like I was in my 20s again.  Huzzah!

Simplicity 1359AAnywho, top-wise:  I used a neato rayon/spandex burnout that I bought from FabricMart and am very happy with how it turned out.  Plus, I only used 7/8 of a yard (the envelope calls for 1 7/8…what what?

Simplicity 1359ABased on the envelope, and garment measurements, I wrestled with whether to make a small or a medium.  I ended cutting a small in the shoulder/sleeve (good thing!  I feel like it’s almost still a bit big in the finished garment) and 1/2″ bigger on the side seams than a small (which is nearly exactly between a small and a medium).  While part of me thinks I could’ve just done a straight small throughout, the other part knows it’s good to have some room to grow:  I still have three more months with this belly!

Simplicity 1359AThere’s really nothing to dislike about this pattern, and you guys know how much I like to bitch when it’s warranted.  It went together easy peasy…like buttah.

Simplicity 1359AOne of the things that really made sewing this together fun (and professional looking at the hems) was my new COVERSTITCH MACHINE!  I’m still getting a hang of the tension/presser foot pressure to use on different fabrics, but from the first stitches I was instantly enamored.  More (but not too much more since I’m still getting used to ‘er) on that later.  :)

Simplicity 1359A


8 thoughts on “The Maternity Dolman”

  1. I REALLY like this top a lot. If I were preggers again, I’d make like 14 of them! It looks really fantastic on you. And your haircut is super cute!!!

  2. I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!!!! It’s so cute and the bangs suit you! Love. Love. Love!

    Cute tee. Nicely done on those cute side strings. Yay for sewing!

  3. Looks like you had a burst of sewing mojo :) your top looks great, perfect for growing a baby. Love the fabric. Your hair is super cute and perfect for spring. Bangs definitely look youthful :)

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