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Maybe It’s Baby Brain, Maybe She’s Just Gone Nuts

Seriously, I can’t remember shit these days.  Don’t get me wrong, this is how it was before I was growing a human being, but the level of shit I cannot remember has increased exponentially during my pregnancy.

So, since I have a fetus eating my brain (tiny zombie?) you’d think I’d be, uh, taking it easy.  Making things uncomplicated for myself.

Nah…  Ever since I really hit that second trimester stride, I’ve been getting up off the couch (ok, well, sometimes) and gettin’ back at it.

I had a wonderful time last weekend with my awesome family quilter, Aunt Carol, cutting and piecing together the blocks for BABY’S FIRST QUILT!  Here’s a preview.  I’ll go more into pattern, fabrics, etc. once it’s finished.

Baby Quilt!

Not only I’ve done a bit more on this since this photo was taken; the face of the quilt is nearly done now (I only have two more rows to sew together and sew on!), but the night before our quilting date, I prepped patterns for and cut out THREE GARMENTS.  HELL YEAH!

Based on the way I felt when I typed that, GARMENT should be the secret word of the day and Chairy should be flailing about as we all scream together.

Here’s what’s ready for the serger:

Simplicity 1469


Short sleeved dress in a mystery content lavender jersey I bought from Le Coupons de Saint Pierre in Paris on our honeymoon.  Downsides: rather sheer when stretched, and was only 40″ wide.  Didn’t notice either when I was buying, but it was a pretty cheap 3 meter piece of fabric.

Simplicity 1359


Dolman top in a black/gray rayon/spandex/maybesomethingelse blend burnout jersey from my favorite place, Fabric Mart.

Mouse House Creations Julia Cardigan


3/4 sleeve in a burgundy mystery content lightweight sweater knit!  No idea where I bought it; perhaps JoAnn?

In truth, though, what I’ve mentioned so far aren’t the reasons for my possible insanity.  This is:  I have decided to participate in Pattern Review’s Wardrobe Contest.  9 garments in 6 weeks (one of which may be RTW or premade.  I will be taking advantage of this!).  Mother of all that is holy…

The thing is, I need clothes.  And it makes me sad to have to buy a lot of them.  And I have the energy (for now).  I’m going to do my best(ish) to finish, but I’m also not going to be too hard on myself if I don’t.  Flexibility is key at this point.

I’ve gone through a couple of iterations of my plan so far.  Here’s the current one, which isn’t even accurate at this point, since I decided against the peachskin shown with M7125 (yuck to polyester in the Summer!):

Prego Wardrobe

This is an alternate option:

Prego Wardrobeb

Which do you guys think?

Also, have any color ideas for the cardigan and dirndl skirt?  I have enough black already and trying to stay away from gray, which I always seem to gravitate toward when I don’t know what to pair something with.


12 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Baby Brain, Maybe She’s Just Gone Nuts”

  1. Since having cold in the last trimester isn’t very likely to happen, I’d choose the sleeveless dress. Great fabric 😄 The cardigan, I think something blue. That works quite well with black, black/white, nude/pink, and the flowered fabric for the waterfall dress (waterfall necklines are always, Always a great idea IMHO). Great wardrobe by the way, very ambitious.
    And the pulp brain – yeah, just try to enjoy it while it lasts. I got soooo relaxed when I was pregnant with my first. After I got used to the fact I forgot everything. Actually my pregnancies cost me TWO bikes. Both when I was 8 months pregnant, and just forgot to take the keys out. In Amsterdam, that is not a good idea, I can assure you (I do not own a car, so my bike gets me everywhere). When I was pregnant with my third I triple checked the bike Every Single Time. It wasn’t stolen (yet that one was rather old, so that wouldn’t have been a great loss…)

    1. You have a good point there on the dress! The wrap dress also has a short/sleeveless option, but I keep gravitating toward the one in my alternate plan. Blue sounds like a good option for the cardi, too! Thoughts on the dirndl skirt color?

      And…oh, crap! How awful; to lose TWO bikes because of crazy pregnancy brain. The thing I keep worrying about is accidentally leaving our dog out all day, especially since it’s still pretty unseasonably cold here (32F for a high, or 0C). I haven’t done it yet, though…*knock on wood*

  2. I forgot everything, and my husband used to say I was horrible to him. I followed that with ‘no I’m not, I was just far too nice to you before!’ It’s just hormones!
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. I’ve made the Julie cardigan and didn’t have quite enough fabric for the reverse side of edge part as they’re so big, so used some random butterfly Jersey I had and it was fab.

  3. Mom brain is a real thing! I got super stupid during pregnancy and it just kept up– I think mostly due to the lack of sleep when baby came along. He’s 4 now and I feel more a tad more sane and can remember stuff a little better. You are so ambitious with your sewing plans, that is fantastic!! I LOVE that floral for your Myrtle (that’s a Girl Charlee? I feel like I’ve drooled over that print before.)

    1. I know! I think the freakiest thing I learned about pregnancy so far: if you don’t eat enough Omega 3, the baby will steal the fatty bits in your brain that help with neural transmission! (at least that’s how I roughly understood it) I don’t really like seafood that much, so I’m kind of f*cked.

      Here’s hoping I’m a tad more sane in a few years like you are!

      Yes, that print is Girl Charlee! Now if only they would ship my order… ;)

  4. I like the second option but stay away from the horrible burda skirt, I made two and it is such a weird pattern, the band came up over my chest, I recut it but I couldn’t make it successfully work. Eh I gave the pattern away and the lady had the same problems. I also found the MN feeding top to be very low, like indecent low and I’m not modest! 8/ the pattern drafts for a B!!! And I was more like an F and there isn’t a way to put the difference into a knit fba.
    Good luck with all your plans! Can’t wait to see them all.

    1. Ah, dangit. I had high hopes for that skirt. :( Do you have any suggestions for an alternate? I originally had thought about the MN ruched maternity skirt, but thought I’d try to save myself a few bucks on the pattern. If the Burda is truly this horrible, I might give the MN skirt a try, unless you’ve had bad luck with that one, too…

      And I was kind of afraid of that with the MN nursing top. I have my (hopefully wearable) muslin for the dress all cut out, so we’ll see how awful it looks (I’m like a G right now. CRAP!). I can always just sub in another random maternity top for that shirt in my plan if it’s awful.

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