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The Teeny Tiny Quilt

Someone very special is turning three this week: my niece! You’ve seen her before in her flower girl dress from our wedding, and here she is again:


What do you get for a little gal who already has tons of toys? Turns out, she’s been asking for a baby doll cradle. Guess who has one from her own childhood? Aunt Jessie! Sure, it’s a little worn, but that wear is love.

The Teeny Tiny Quilt

Grandma was kind enough to clean ‘er up and bring ‘er on over, but I decided the bedding I used for my dolls as a kid was a bit old and tired (and is not up my current adult aesthetic for such things, which may or may not matter to a three year old…) for the little Miss.

The Teeny Tiny QuiltMattress

The Teeny Tiny QuiltBlanket

It was sewn with love, though. Pretty sure my mama made both of these for me; not sure who else would’ve!

The Teeny Tiny Quilt


I woke up last Saturday with a loose plan and within 90 minutes had the top of her baby doll quilt completed.

The Teeny Tiny Quilt

The Teeny Tiny Quilt

But that’s all I could do for the morning. In a crafting purge, I’d completely rid myself of all quilt batting and fiberfill (which made sense; I hadn’t completed any sort of quilted thing since I was…13?). Since I knew I’d have to go to JoAnn anyway, I decided I would also make a new “mattress” for the cradle with 1/2″ high density foam.

Every mattress needs a sheet, so I whipped one up from quilting cotton using the overlapping pillow cover method. And shit, once I’d gone that far, mightaswell make a pillow for the dolly!  (or, you know, my illustrious model, who is known as Mouse)

The Teeny Tiny Quilt

The Teeny Tiny QuiltI had to handsew the back of the binding.
Just looks so much prettier than using the machine!

Overall, I’m happy with the end result! Sure, I didn’t piece it as accurately as I could’ve, which then led to some lackluster stitch-in-the-ditch quilting, but it works. It’s an important lesson for next time and a good primer for my next quilting project (which I’ll be starting this weekend!).

The Teeny Tiny Quilt

So, Happy Birthday, Baby! Hope your baby doll sleeps well in her new bed. <3

The Teeny Tiny Quilt


7 thoughts on “The Teeny Tiny Quilt”

  1. I hope she gives you the reaction you deserve! I am impressed you did all these things! If she’s a poop about it, I apologize in advance and am gushing to you in advance: *I* love it. Thank you, Aunt Jessie!!!

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