The Mummy Top

Thank you all for the baby well wishes!  :D

For this top, I figured I mightaswell just come out with puns blazing. Because, you know, I’m gonna be a mummy. And you wrap mummies in strips of cloth. And, well, even the linen color (not sure what I was thinking there). Here it is, Simplicity 1468, AKA The Mummy top:

The Mummy Top

Oh Mummy Top, AKA Megan Nielsen’s Wrapped Maternity Top, how you displease me. Sewing and wearing you both instilled an urge to poke my eye (but not both, because I need at least one left to sew with, of course. Gotta be practical.) out with a sharp stick.

The Mummy Top

Does it look cool? Yeah, no complaints there. I may have over-stabilized the (folded/turned) neckline out of fear that it would stretch out a bunch, but that’s on me. I won’t blame anyone else for that. Love the layered look that the (enormously long) wrap ties provide.

The Mummy Top

I used a sweater knit that has been in my stash for quite a while; I’d say at least 5 years. Long enough that I can’t really recall what it’s made of or where it came from. Part of my problem with this top is probably my fabric choice; a beefier knit (still with enough stretch, though, perhaps a nice rayon lycra?) would have alleviated some of the terrible drudgery of the folding and turning and what felt like endless stitching (see the Simplicity link above for the line drawing).

In summary:  an alternate fabric choice may have made me hate sewing it less.

The Mummy Top

When I was finished, I told Mr. 5 that he was going to have to dress me every time I wore it. He kinda laughed; I don’t know if he realized I was serious. I WAS SERIOUS. Dead serious. I wanted to willy nilly just throw each of the long wrap ties around me, but Mr. 5 insisted on following the recommendation to roll up each tie like an ace bandage. There are times that I can have incredible amounts of patience (hello, sewing and knitting) and others where needing to wait turns me into a 3 year old at a candy store. Dressing is hard when your shirt isn’t really a shirt.

The Mummy Top

So, he finally got it on me, and I went to put on my shoes…and the back of the top portion of the shirt popped out. FUCK. He was not convinced it was well wrapped the first time, so we undid the whole thing, ace bandage rolled it yet again, and then reapplied it (with more overlap at the top portion). Better!

The Mummy Top

The Mummy Top

And then I realized I needed to pee. And I was wearing a fabulous pair of jeans with a full maternity panel. Fucking hell! I ended up just sort of flipping the whole business up and back down again. It was disheveled, but nothing I couldn’t manage to smooth out on my own. Mostly.

The Mummy Top

The Mummy TopThis is what the back looked like after wearing for a few hours and self adjusting. Boo.
Also, snags: a great reason to not buy shitty fabric.

This all being said, I found the sizing to be accurate (I made a medium).  I also ran out of fabric, so was only able to make each of the ties 75% as long as the pattern called for, and it seemed to work out just fine.

 The Mummy TopThey’re a tad short, but they work.

Bottom line: This pattern is “good on paper.” I won’t say I’ll never wear this again, but it definitely isn’t going to be a top I willingly reach for in these last few months of pregnancy. SAD PANDA.

The Mummy Top

Speaking of, does anyone happen to know where I could find a paper copy of Megan Nielsen’s Ruched Maternity T? I know it’s pretty simple and I could probably hack it, but she’s done a pretty fab job from all of the versions I’ve seen, so why reinvent the wheel? The problem is, I really despise PDF patterns (Again:  pointy stick, meet eye) and that’s she still has available on her website. :(


21 thoughts on “The Mummy Top”

  1. Oh my goodness! That is CRAZY how non-functional this top is for a lady who is preggers! It does look really, really, really good. Double sad face :( :( I bet other people have had the same problem, too. But dang, it looks great.

  2. Dammit this was hilarious!!! Lololololol!!!! I needed a laugh. You totally made my crazy Thursday.

    Poor soon-to-be mummy. Just chuck this one and move on to that cute dress!

  3. I really like this top. But I can see how it’s a complete bitch to put on and keep looking nice. Damn. I guess maybe it’s more of a “runway” piece, huh? Then never wear it again?

  4. I made this top for my daughter and she only wore it once! A nice idea but it just doesn’t translate well in reality. If you like the ruched version, I made my daughter five of them and she wore them all, Simplicity has it as well under Megan’s name so you won’t have to deal with a PDF.

    1. Ugh, how frustrating! But glad to know that someone else had problems with this top.

      I didn’t realize the ruched T was also available under Simplicity! I looked at their maternity section and wasn’t able to find it; only found the nursing/maternity top/dress. Do you happen to know the pattern number?

  5. Wow, that’s EXACTLY what expectant people need: a top that requires copious time and extra assistance to get into! Sign me up!* For what it’s worth, it looks really nice on you! I hope you can find a copy of the ruched top pattern you want to make that won’t make you stabby, too! =)

    *Kidding–please do not sign me up.

  6. Congratulations! I like the top but if it involves more people than just you to get it on properly, I agree that maybe the idea is better than the reality :)

  7. Congratulations! I was a bit behind with blog reading, so missed the big news, but I am very happy for you both. Hope you don’t feel too bad. The top looks very comfortable, it’s lovely.

    1. Oh no, I was too hasty with my comment, sorry to read it wasn’t a success, the top, hahaha. I really thought it looked pretty comfortable from the pictures. But well, better luck next time ;). I think I wore a mock wrap dress with ties at the back and a waistline just above the bump the most. It was plain black, just what I needed at the time. But it was also RTW, so no pattern suggestion. I truly was convinced sewing was the most daft hobby anyone could ever have and I thought I’d never do it again. As well as knitting, crochet and everything else that meant yarns, thread and or needles. Yuk. (It worried me after some time, but luckily it returned right after the kid was born. Phew.)

      1. Thank you much, Aline! :) I’m feeling pretty good these days. The top is definitely comfy, but it’s such a PITA to keep looking good whilst wearing.

        Thanks for the maternity clothing advice; I’m definitely thinking about adding a mock (or real) wrap dress to my current wardrobe. It’s a good thing you decided to sew again, because you’ve made some amazingly lovely stuff! Hormones can be weird.

  8. I made this top without the ties ie. just the top portion. It works well tucked in under the ruched maternity skirt. Simplicity has 1469 which is also a MN pattern – it may be something that you’d be interested in.

    1. Yeah, I can totally see how the tie-less version of this would be great with a high rise skirt. Also, S1469 is splayed out on my cutting table right now! I’m struggling with which size to cut. :\

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