Big News, New Direction

I’m full of it lately.  Full of what?  Nope, not shit (though, I have been accused of that from time to time).  Full o’ big news.  Big news that has nothing to do with sewing (but I promise you will see me sew again!  I have a few things in the works now).

My Mid-Winter blogging malaise has been a bit prolonged this year.  It usually lasts about a month.  I just finished sewing my first garment in THREE MONTHS a couple of weeks ago.  I have a good reason, though.  A good reason that isn’t my oft wished desire to hibernate or my suspected case of SAD.



Super exciting, and just a tad terrifying.  I feel like that sums it up pretty accurately.

I found out I was pregnant the weekend after the first round of Pattern Review’s Sewing Bee (which I made this skirt for, and then only wore once after.  We’ll see if it fits again later!).  I was so completely devastated that I wasn’t chosen to go on to Round 2, to the point that I was sobbing, and finally said to Mr. 5 “Why am I crying so much about this?”  HORMONES!  That’s why!

And I’m really glad that was why, since I was starting to become convinced that I had completely gone off of my rocker about a contest that really had no impact on my life as a whole.

Anywho, it’s been a fairly uneventful pregnancy, which we are really grateful for.

I’ve just been a bit low energy, between the fatigue and the nausea (related note:  have you ever eaten IN the shower?  I now can say I have!), sewing and blogging have kind of dropped off the radar.  Until now.

Last week we got to find out the sex of the baby…and we bought cupcakes to celebrate.


Boy or girl?

photo 2(2)Balled up baby

photo 1(2)Creepy claymation baby photo!



And now I have a lot of sewing to do, between maternity wear and baby stuff…a bit of a departure from my typical bevvy of tight waisted dresses and body skimming knits.  And it needs to be done before Mid-July.

I’d love any suggestions you have on patterns for either!  I’m pretty sure I’ve already purchased all of the maternity patterns that the Big 4 offers (at least those that appealed).

What have you made that you (or whoever you’ve sewn for) have found particularly useful during pregnancy or for baby?


34 thoughts on “Big News, New Direction”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sewing little baby things is the best. You should definitely make a little taggie blanket, ideally with a nice furry side! Other than that my mind has gone blank :/ enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and sleep while you can!! :D

    1. Thank you! :) Ah yes, sensory blanket! Good idea. Added to the ever-growing list.

      Sleep? What’s sleep? I’m already dealing with insomnia. But I know the sleep situation is just going to get worse.

  2. I had a wrap maternity dress pattern that was really useful. Could wear any tops under it at work and if the top was above my belly button none of my colleagues knew! Dress itself also adjustable, obviously, just let the ties out longer.
    i made two, and decided longer length is better. I’m tall and short dresses / skirts on a tall pregnant woman make her look like a Chupa Chup. (Do you have those? A round ball lolly on a thin white stick).
    Enjoy the anticipation – it’s a very special time

  3. Congratulations!!!!! I had my little guy just over 4 years ago and pregnancy brought out some weird things in me, although I confess I never ate in the shower. I was generally very fatigued and with near constant nauseous feelings I basically sewed nothing the whole time. I did make him a baby sized quilt with simple squares and borders… it’s all I could stand to sew, so it’s special for him still. Like RTW stuff, I’d stay away from making too much newborn sizes in clothing because they outgrow them near instantly (or are born too long like my baby to fit into the stuff). Plus people are going to give you LOADS of newborn stuff because it’s so dang tiny and cute.

    I made no clothes during pregnancy… I wish I had the energy to. I know Megan Nielsen does a line of great maternity patterns. http://megannielsen.com/pages/maternity-collection

    Also, if you choose to nurse, a cover (like a blanket) can be nice to have in your bag of tricks when you are out in public. Jalie has some nice options for maternity stuff, including nursing friendly top/bras/shirts. http://www.jalie.com/maternity-baby.html?SID=10cqq6qi78q55t0jjln96gssj7

    1. Thank you! :)

      At this point I am definitely gearing sewing more toward “baby stuff” rather than baby clothes, for the reasons you’ve pointed out. Hoping to make a crib quilt like you did, and perhaps a diaper bag and some swaddles. I even found a great indie pattern for an ergo-like carrier, but don’t need to make it because my sister letting me use her ergo!

      I wish more of Megan Nielsen’s patterns were available in print still. Sigh. I am a PDF hater. I do have all of the Simplicity issued ones, though. (All…two? Ha.)

      And yes, I’m really hoping to be able to breastfeed, so that Jalie stuff will come in handy. I’ve thought about getting the nursing bra/cami pattern, but am afraid it won’t be supportive enough for me (and a friend mentioned something about how I wouldn’t be able to boob wrangle one handed with it).

  4. I totally shed a tear at the u/s pics! I am such a wimp!! :-D

    Extremely happy for you two! May your boy be a hellraiser like his mama! hahahaha! That is totally a compliment! :-p A big welcome to the most extreme yet exciting ride of your life. You’re going to be awesome at it!

    1. Aww! You’re like me right now! ;)

      And thank you. :D I think he probably has a 100% chance of being a Hell raiser (Oh dear God) between me and his dad. Honestly, mostly his dad. Ha!

  5. Congratulations Jess! What wonderful news! I wasn’t sewing when I was pregnant, so I can’t suggest any patterns for you. Check our Megan Nielsen’s patterns, I know she has a few.

  6. Congratulations!! I’m so glad that you’re having a seemingly straightforward pregnancy–best wishes for a safe and quick delivery when the time comes!

    I’ve never sewn for babies or pregnancy, but having helped a friend of mine with his first sewing project (yay!) for his infant son, one thing that I would recommend is to trace multi-sized baby patterns if they’re something you think you’d make again. I hear those little suckers grow pretty fast and that would save you having to buy another copy! ;-)

    Finally, two thoughts occur:
    1.) I feel like “eat-in showers” should become a thing. The ultimate in luxury hygiene! Genius idea, Jess!
    2.) If you’re not gonna eat that pink cupcake, I can send you my mailing address… xD

    1. Thank you! :) We’ve had a couple of scary moments, but nothing that didn’t resolve itself, thank goodness.

      Good idea on the multi size tracing!

      It was a banana because I was puking up bile in the shower! And when I mentioned it, a family member (who shall remain nameless) said “Oh, I didn’t want to say anything because I thought it was something sexual” Dear Lord, it was a REAL BANANA!!!

      Shit, sorry. I totally ate that cupcake.

    1. Thank you! And interesting tip; I’ve always been curious about Ottobre, but have never picked up a copy. Are there particular issues that have more baby clothes than others, or are they kind of spread out?

  7. Congrats to you!
    If you plan to nurse the baby I would look into making nursing alterations to some clothes. In my case I wore maternity wear for five months, but nursing wear for ten, so don’t forget what happens after the baby’s been born.

    1. Thank you, Helena!

      Super good point. I’m definitely hoping to be able to breastfeed. I already have been checking out how different nursing clothes are put together online. Might need to get my hands on some in person soon so I can get a better feel!

      I’m thinking some maternity dresses and tops with nursing access would be a great double whammy, since I know it takes a while for things to, uh, deflate, after.

  8. Congratulations!!! Im also currently expecting & Ive made a few items…most used & reached for till now is the Megan Nielsen Ruched maternity skirt. I made that in black & it goes with EVERYTHING. Super comfie & grows with you. Its also super quick to make.

    1. Thank you, and congratulations to you as well! :D When are you due?

      Good to know on that skirt. I’ve definitely noticed it in the maternity wear blogosphere and wondered if I would wear it, but if it’s as comfortable as you say…might have to acquire the pattern! Or, you know, try to hack it myself, if I have the energy to.

  9. Congratulations Jess!! That is so exciting!! I have never sewn for baby, nor had a baby, so I don’t have much advice to add unlike the other comments. I have, however, eaten in the shower. Why wouldn’t someone?! Look forward to seeing what you create!

  10. Congratulations! Enjoy this time, as much as you can. And even with the sleep deprivation, it’s so, so much better when the baby gets here!

    Outside of my 2nd trimester, I barely felt human enough during my pregnancy to sew much–fatigue and nausea the 1st trimester, fatigue and blowing up like a balloon 3rd trimester.

    One word of advice on sewing baby things: I got sucked in by the cute drawings (and a big sale the day that I found out I was having a girl) for a few Oliver + S patterns. I’ll warn you that their sizing is really off for the infant sizes. Like, too tight in some places (even on my skinny kid) and way, way too big in others. It’s absolutely fine in the toddler sizing, though!

      1. Thank you!! Nothing in particular! Once we know the gender I will gather some. I would love to sew up some pretty tiny dresses though!

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