Wedding Wednesday: The Flower Girl

It’s Wednesday again, and you know what that means:  wedding DIY!  If you don’t like this series, don’t worry, there are only two more left.  ;)

All of the photos in this post were taken by our wonderful professional photographers, Chrystal + Lucas Photography, with the exception of the second to last one, which was taken by my sister.

Before I launch into it, I just wanted to thank you guys for all of your very sweet comments on my BurdaStyle skirt that I made for the Great Pattern Review Sewing Bee.  When I found out on Sunday that I wasn’t chosen to advance to round 2, I was very disappointed and a little POed (Now feeling a bit sheepish for this, but I really thought my skirt was at least good enough to be in the top 56).  But, that boil has relaxed into a simmer and the only thing bothering me now is that I will never know what the judges thought was wrong with it.  Soon that shall pass as well.

* * * * *

OK, back to the weddingness of it all.

When we got engaged, I knew immediately that I really wanted my niece and nephew to be flower girl and ring bearer.  I also knew that could be tricky, since my niece would only be 2 (and change) on our wedding day.  My sister warned me that kids don’t always do what you want them to…  That’s part of the charm of having them in your wedding!  Riiiiight?

I also decided early on into our engagement that I would not be making my wedding gown, because I would just stress myself out too much.  Turned out that was an A-OK decision because I found the perfect dress at the local bridal salon.

So, in lieu of making MY dress, I decided I must make the flower girl’s and it had to be totally poofy cupcake city.

In steps Vogue 7819, AKA the fanciest dress I may ever make.

Vogue 7819

This dress has six, count ’em, SIX layers of skirt.  I picked up all of the fabric from JoAnn, so I could color match in person, and ordered the waistline trim from Fabric Mart.  Here are the layers from the outside in:

1.  Outer partial overlay 1:  “special occasion” poly organza in blush
2.  Outer parial overlay 2:  “special occasion” poly organza in blush
3.  Main skirt overlay:  “special occasion” poly organza in blush
4.  Skirt (and bodice):  Casa satin in ivory
5.  Crinoline:  nylon netting
6.  Lining:  Kona quilting cotton

I was worried I wouldn’t have a photo to show you that would really show all of the layers, but it turns out I have two!

Vogue 7819Pre-ceremony glee

Vogue 7819And she hits the dance floor in this very Marilyn photo

It was a bit of a struggle to get all of those layers attached to the bodice, but what really took the most time was cutting and hemming them all.  I used a baby hem on all of the skirts except for the lining, which I got lazy and serged.  After the 5 other layers, I had acquired a small case of the f*ck-its.

Vogue 7819His little suit slays me.  Little boys in tuxes = awesome

This dress is long as is.  My niece is a pretty average 2 year old height, so it wasn’t because she’s a super shortie.  I made a size 3 around, (which ended up being big…I should’ve made a 2, but it still worked out fine!) using the size 2 height, and ended up taking 6 inches off of each layer, plus I shortened the bodice by 1/2″.  Seeing the finished product, I probably could have made it an inch or two longer, but it was probably better this way so she didn’t trip on it.

Vogue 7819

Vogue 7819

I think the best part of making this dress was seeing my niece react to it.  The first time I had her try it, she immediately took off her shirt and begged to put it on.  It was a combination of hilarious and endearing.  My sister took a photo of the scene, but I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Vogue 7819
Vogue 7819
And the sweetest moment during dress construction was probably this photo.  You can just see how pretty she feels in it.  <3

Vogue 7819
Bonus: amazing nephew photobomb

I also made a ring bearer pillow to match the dress.  You can’t see the whole thing in this photo, but you can see it was ruched on one side and had a flat overlay on the other, with the same trim used on the dress.

Ring Bearer Pillow

So, I bet you’re wondering how the kiddos did at the wedding?  At the rehearsal they weren’t so into it, but on the wedding day they walked down the aisle perfectly.  Sometimes it’s the clothes that make all the difference, right?

Vogue 7819


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