Wedding Wednesday: Vogue Rehearsal Dress

Welcome back to Wedding Wednesday!  Last week I shared my Bachelorette Party Dress and now it’s on to the rehearsal…

Vogue 8972 E  Vogue 8972

I’ll be honest, I did not make this dress for our wedding rehearsal.  I intended to make a dress, but ran out of time.  I am nothing if not a procrastinator.

Vogue 8972 E

This dress is also known as my 31st Birthday Dress!  I polled you guys to decide what I should make with this absolutely luscious silk twill, and took your advice, but then never shared the result.  So, this is also sort of a TBT post a day early.

Vogue 8972 E

This pattern fit pretty well right off the bat.  The weird part was that I made it in a size 10 (with D cup); I haven’t been less than a 12-14 in a woven garment since I started sewing again hardcore about three years ago.  So, that is very strange to me, but made sense when reviewing the finished garment measurements (thank God they were on the tissue at all; I really hate it when they aren’t included, which is often).

Vogue 8972 ENeeds moar swayback

The only things I changed (that I remember – I finished this dress over 9 months ago) were the curve of the bust, to accommodate my LFB (Low, full bust).  Seriously, the girls have never been perky.  I also adjusted the length, since I always have to shorten EVERYTHING.  It’s also possible I shortened some part of the bodice or midriff piece, but my guess is as good as yours, since I don’t seem to write anything down.

Vogue 8972 E

As mentioned, I made the dress out of a glorious silk twill from FabricMart.  If I run across silk twill there again, even wild horses will not keep me from buying more.  SO DELICIOUS.

Vogue 8972 E

It was maybe not the best choice for this dress, because of all of the pieces and structure; hings do look a little wonky here and there and perhaps following the top stitching suggestion was a bad move on a fabric that shows every lump and bump.  My dry skin catches and causes pulls on the fabric (sob!), but I still would buy more because it makes me happy.

Vogue 8972 EHandpicked zipper!

I had intended to make the dress with a cap sleeve, but after hemming them, I realized the sleeves would not behave well or look good on the dress.  I always cut on a rotary mat to help prevent distortion, but I still noticed some after cutting this dress out. If I tried a sleeve over again in slight slinky fabric such as this, I would cut 2 pieces for each and make it a self lined sleeve situation.

Vogue 8972 EGreat for twirlsies!

I lined it with lavender silk/cotton Elegance that I picked up at Martha Pullen for a song at their “sidewalk” sale a couple of Summers ago.  I really love this stuff for lining fancy dresses.  It’s so smooth and soft, it really makes wearing the dress that much more of a pleasure.

Vogue 8972 E

Vogue 8972 E

All in all, I really love this dress.  It’s not perfect, but it’s perfectly lovely to me.

Vogue 8972 EDear arm:  WTF?


21 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Vogue Rehearsal Dress”

  1. LOVE! THIS! What’s funny, I’ve been eyeing a similar fabric tonight looking for a dress pattern to match… a dress like this (but with the sleeves)! Oh geez… I think I found my pattern. This blue looks so pretty on you. Great job :)

    1. Ooo…yes! This would look great on you. I totally would’ve done the sleeved version included with this pattern, (as in the actual, substantial sleeve, not cap) but I didn’t have quite enough yardage. And thanks. :)

  2. This design was meant for you. Gorgeous. Your silk twill looks delightfully thick – is it? I’ve only interacted with thinner stuff but it was fun to work with.

  3. Hey, just came across this now and I absolutely LOVE this dress. It’s super flattering and sophisticated and just WOW… I’m inspired! Cheers from Australia :)

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