Happy Belated Halloween!

I can’t seem to ever be on time.  Always 10-15 minutes late wherever I go (but I am working on it, ’cause I know it’s annoying) and now I’m a whole three DAYS late wishing you guys a Happy Halloween!

Just a warning: this back story is a little long. You may want to sit down, or grab a cup of tea before you tuck in.

I waffled back and forth about whether I wanted to make a Halloween costume at all; I’ve been much more practical in my sewing in the last year or two and it seemed like a lot of work for something I’d wear one day and maybe never again.

But, I still pondered about what costume I would want, since I didn’t wear one to work last year and felt like a lame-ass.  I started off considering Elsa from Frozen, like every other 5-10 year old out there, because who doesn’t want to wear a sparkly, sheer cape?  I bought McCall’s 7000 thinking I would do so.


However, that McCall’s pattern just didn’t do it for me (the licensed Simplicity patterns that just came out are so much better!  I’d link them, but they were up on their app and website, but have suddenly disappeared…).  The lines weren’t quite right and I knew I’d be able to make my own version up in a much more authentic to the movie fashion.  Then, I thought about how much work that would take, and the procrastination set in.

And that brings us up to Friday, October 24.

I finally decided:  YES, I would make a Halloween costume.

I also decided I would not be Elsa; instead, I went with a couple’s theme for Mr. 5 and me after finding a good costume for him on Amazon.

I found the perfect pattern, and it was on sale at JoAnn!

Can you guess what happened next?



So, I went to Plan B, and this is how it turned out:

Little Red Riding HoodLittle Red Riding Hood!

There are many versions of this costume out there, but I decided to go very Grimm Brothers with a dress and apron from September 2014’s BurdaStyle (how appropriate:  German fairytale, German pattern), and a Simplicity cape pattern (2853).

Little Red Riding HoodAlways gotta sniff

Little Red Riding Hood
The big bad…dog?  Naw, he’s a sweetie.

I made the cape from a piece of poly satin that I bought from intending to make these PJs.  However, the drape was not quite right, so the fabric just went into my stash instead (and I never have gotten around to making the PJs).

Little Red Riding Hood

It took me about 2 hours from start to finish (an hour and a half was sewing) and I was pretty pleased.  I wish I had made a small instead of a medium, though, since it’s a bit big for my shoulders.

Little Red Riding Hood

It wouldn’t have had to fit my shoulders if I had chosen a more voluminous cape pattern, but I was determined to destash those 3 yards of red poly satin.

Little Red Riding Hood

The dress took a little more time.

I could NOT decide what fabric to use.  I thought about a gray wool double cloth from my stash, but felt it was too dull for Little Red.  So, off to Hancocks I went to fetch some yardage and found this wee calico that screamed “Old timey!  Traditional!” to me.  Plus, it was on sale for $3.50/yd.  CHA-CHING.

Little Red Riding Hood

I haven’t used a lot of BurdaStyle patterns; only 3 other styles (1 2 3), so I’m not quite in tune with my sizing for them yet. I have heard that once you figure it out, you can make your regular adjustments and they will just fit.  That’s magic to my ears.

Little Red Riding HoodSo windy

One thing I know for sure; on BurdaStyle regular patterns, I typically need to short all skirts by FOUR INCHES, which I did with this dress (and a past skirt).  I don’t feel like I’m that short!  But, I guess I am.

Little Red Riding Hood

I traced a size 40 and did the most ass backwards (read:  WRONG) FBA ever.  I didn’t sweat it, because it’s a Halloween costume, but now I know in theory how to do a FBA on a bodice with a side panel.  This will come in handy if/when I decide to make this dress again (that, and a swayback adjustment, and maybe figure out the other weird wrinkles on the bodice…man…).  On top of all of that, my darts ended up exceptionally pointy.  We’ll just say it was a very cold looking Halloween.  :\

Little Red Riding Hood

As for the apron, I went through my stash and realized I had nothing appropriate.  Yeesh.  Water, water all around and not a drop to drink!  So, I hit Hancock again and found a great remnant on sale and went at it.

Little Red Riding Hood

There isn’t really much special to say about the apron; it went together just fine.

Little Red Riding Hood

Wore a RTW long sleeved top under the dress, since it SNOWED the morning of Halloween and was windy all day, as well as some sweater tights I acquired from Kohl’s (and fit really well because they have the toe and heel shaped!  Glorious.  When searching for them online, I also found a fair isle version that I am now coveting…)

Little Red Riding Hood

We had a pretty good Halloween overall…Mr. 5’s bro came to visit and we all went out partying!  I stayed up until 1 am, which is quite a feat for me. I’ll leave you with a couple of shots of us before we went out and also the one of us that was taken at the club.

imageMy sweet wolf and me

Eep.  Guess he’s hungry!

Little Red Riding HoodRed, The Wolf, and Electro


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