Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette Skater

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday, first in a multi part series on the DIY involved in Mr. 5 and my nuptials.  I already shared my bridal shower dress back in March, so next on the list would be my bachelorette dress!

Lady SkaterTA DA!

It’s a little tame, I admit, but I wanted easy peasy to sew and wear, and I found both of those things in Kitschy Coo’s Lady Skater dress, which I acquired with the first Perfect Pattern Parcel (such a great idea!  Parcel #6 is up now and is available for sale for a couple more days, too.  NAYY).

I know, I know:  I am a little late to the party, but it seems that I’m always fashionably late to try out patterns that everyone and their mother have sewn up.

Lady Skater

I knew I wanted to make a wearable muslin before I went all out on this fancy sequined knit, which I acquired at no other place than Fabric Mart (of course), so I made this 3/4 sleeved version out of the most hideously misbehaving polyester knit ever:

Lady Skater

And, we’ll be honest, not the most sophisticated print, either.  I had this in TWO colorways and gave both away immediately after completing this dress.

Lady Skater

The test garment told me that fit was pretty good, but I swear I thought the waist was too long and I shortened the bodice and did a swayback.

Lady Skater

However, the bodice looks shorter in the blue dress than the black in these photos.  WTF?  I really need to start writing notes down if I’m going to take seven months to blog something.

Lady Skater

However, you’ll notice I still have quite a bit of lower back pooling in the bachelorette dress.    I *think* I applied a swayback to the pattern, but, like I said, it’s been a while and I really have no freakin’ clue.

Lady Skater

The one thing I know for a fact that I lengthened the skirt of my bachelorette skater by an inch or two:  I ain’t no hussy.

Lady Skater

I cut a 4 in the upper body, and a 3 in the waist and skirt.  This worked pretty well for both of these skaters, but I had a bit of a sleeve issue in my third, which I’ll tell you about later.  I didn’t take these photos until last week and feel that the dress is a bit tight at my current weight.  LOL.  If I were to make it again, I might make a straight 4 (or between a 3 and a 4 for the waist).

Lady Skater

I put the elastic in the waist of the test garment, as directed, but left it out of my black dress.  NOT A FAN.  Too restricting.  Perhaps these will stretch out over time, but that’s OK if it means I’m comfortable while wearing them.  Just another argument for using a firm knit.

Lady Skater

Back to this black sequined knit:  It’s a mesh knit that is a bit translucent, but not so much that can see anything but light through it.  To combat against any potential show-through, I wore a black cami and undies.  I know the “proper” thing would be to wear nude colored of both, but I don’t own a nude colored cami.  In all honesty, I should have underlined the whole thing, for the sake of modesty and comfort.

Damn, why do I seem to need to be so comfortable all of the time?  This is why I’ve worn “old lady” shoes since I was 18, people.  Don’t fuck around with comfort, because comfort = happiness.

Lady SkaterDidn’t wear a slip here, and you can’t see through it…right?

Anywho, back to the fabric…when working with a sequined fabric, it’s common practice to remove the sequins from the seam allowance.  I did not do this.  Partially because I’m lazy, and partially because the sequins are so small that they don’t stick out too much from the seams.  BUT, as I mentioned, underlining would have helped with the itchiness of the sequined seam allowances and the stitching of the sequins.

Lady Skater

I used a random stashed black ponte knit for the sleeve and armbands.

Lady Skater

Overall, I am very happy with how this dress turned out.  The only thing that I feel is a bit odd is the way the front waistline dips.  I don’t feel that it’s very flattering or necessary.  Does this bother anyone else?

Lady SkaterIt’s like a weird, fabric-y smile

And…we’ll end with the only picture of me that I know exists from the party…this was taken at the sushi place we had dinner (mmm…volcano roll…)

UntitledWhy yes, that is a dick around my neck.

 We had an awesome time eating sushi, hitting the comedy club, and a-drinkin’.  I had such a great time and I’m so thankful for all of my wonderful, supportive friends!  :)


22 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette Skater”

  1. I totally agree that the way the waist dips in the centre is not super flattering — I have the same issue with my versions as well. I will probably end up re-shaping the front seam of the bodice a little if I make the Lady Skater again.

    1. Yes, I think I will try the same on subsequent versions. I don’t have any more planned right now, but I can see myself making this again. There’s really no patternmaking reason to have a waistline dip down (if anything, it should be concave instead of convex) so it’s definitely a style-line of some sort. It’s especially strange to me since the skirt from and back are identical and the back bodice is cut straight across.

  2. I haven’t made this one for me but made it for my daughter and her front waist dipped too.

    Anyway…this is so cute on you!! The overall shape is very flattering and it’s totally non-hussy length! ;-p

      1. Well, who knows, I was just assuming it was intentional, since I’m sure Kitsch Coo worked to perfect fit for a while before releasing, and I don’t feel it’s something you could just overlook. You could still be right about it being a flaw!

  3. Yep, the front waist dip bothers me too. As does that darn elastic there. What I find humorous is that I found the waistline to be a bit too high. I made a muslin of the skater and then never touched it again. Sad, because I love the look of it on everyone else! Your sequin one is ah-ma-zing!!! Love it. :)

    1. Thanks, darlin’! It would be super easy to lengthen the bodice, and get rid of a bit of the waistline dip. But, sometimes we abandon projects for the right reasons but cite the wrong reasons (AKA, maybe you just weren’t that into it).

  4. I like your sequin dress so much! It can totally be repurposed too for a sparkly holiday dress. Where did you get the fabric? I’ve wanted to try sewing sequins but I’m afraid because I don’t want to have to unpick all the sequins (how ANNOYING!).

    I printed and assembled the dress but never got around to making it…so not sure about the sagging waistline.

    1. Oh yeah, true dat! Good idea. I just need to start exercising a bit more to minimize the newlywed pooch that has started forming.

      Got the fabric at Fabric Mart this Spring! Which means it’s definitely not available anymore. :( I love Fabric Mart’s pricing and have been pleased with most everything I’ve ordered, but there’s really no getting more of any of it.

      Take my word for it, the waistline is weird. It’s not BAD, it works, it’s just…meh.

  5. Love it in the sequins! The smiley waist didn’t bother me until you mentioned it, but now it does! Haha, so I may straighten it out on my next one. What issues did you have with the sleeves and what did you change? I had issues too and I was working on tweaking the pattern to fit me better, but I really don’t know what I’m doing, lol, just trial and error and maybe some more error…. :)

  6. First things first: I lost it when I got to the caption on the last photo. xD Actually, you killed it on the close-up waistline caption too, because you made me think of that scene from “A Christmas Story” with the duck at the Chinese restaurant: “It’s…it’s *smiling* at me.”

    The fabric is so cool and really makes this dress stand out and feel less basic. Also, I feel like I need the shoes you’re wearing, because they’re awesome.

  7. Love the sequins! I didn’t notice the waistline until you pointed it out…I think I got distracted by all of the sparkles!! Straighten it out next time. :)

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