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Sew Selfless September: Jalie 3022

So, I’m almost a month late with this.  I’m not gonna lie, these pants were not completed in September.  I finished them on October 4th and then didn’t get photos taken for 2 more weeks after that.   I did start them in September, though!

Jalie 3022Oscar is such a ham…gotta be involved in everything!

Jalie 3022
My friend Amanda and I signed up for a yoga class together this Fall, so I thought, what a better thing to make her than some yoga pants?  Unexpectedly, she took a flight off of her bike (so scary!) and broke her hand, so these yoga pants will just be for chillaxing purposes for now.  Continue to heal well, Amanda!

Jalie 3022Meet Maisy!

Jalie 3022

I bought 5 yards of this red supplex from Fabric Mart many moons ago, before I realized admitted to myself what a fabric hoarder I was becoming.  Five yards can make a LOT of athletic wear.  I actually have a pair of these same Jalie yoga pants from the same fabric and still have a couple of yards left.  Oy to the vey.

Jalie 3022
Hers on the right, mine on the left

But, Amanda’s are a wee bit different.  I decided to go all the way (chick a bow bow?) and twin needle top stitch all of the seams.  It took about twice as long as the pair I made, but they look so nice.

Jalie 3022

Can I confess something?  This is the first time I have successfully sewn anything with a twin needle.  I tried once before, but immediately broke the needle (and these things aren’t cheap!), gave up, and went back to zig-zagging my hems.  I also tried sewing these up with just a plain ol’ twin needle and it kept skipping stitches like a mofo…it was then that I kept looking through my needle reserves and found a stretch twin needle (duh) which worked like a charm.

Jalie 3022

Jalie 3022

Gotta say, now that I’ve figured this out with my new sewing machine, I’m excited to have much nicer looking finishes on future knit projects!  I had toyed with the idea of getting a cover stitch machine, and it may happen someday (not anytime soon, since I just got my new sewin’ baby last month) but in the meantime, I’m really happy with how this looks.

Jalie 3022Her sweet, pretty, shy new girl!  Just adopted last month.

Jalie 3022

Time to order a whole slew of stretch twin needles from Wawak!

Jalie 3022

Anywho, back to the pants.  Since I decided to do these “right,” I added elastic to the waistline as directed, which I omitted in my own pair.  It looks pretty freaky and wavy just hanging out (I can’t figure out if this is from the top stitching or the initial zig zag application.  I suspect the former)…

Jalie 3022

…but look just fine when they’re on.

Jalie 3022

So, I’d say this is a case that all’s well that wears well.

Jalie 3022

I ended up making a size larger than the Jalie size chart recommends, size I felt my own pair, which were made in the size recommended, were a little snug in this same fabric.  Amanda and I also have similar inseams, so I shortened these accordingly:  instead of using the longest length available, I used one size shorter, which works out to around a 1″ reduction in length.

Jalie 3022

All in all, these turned out great.  Yay for Sew Selfless September!

Jalie 3022

Jalie 3022The backside is really the star of these yoga pants. Look at all of those lovely seams!

Sadly, mere hours (maybe two?) after I took these photos, an ember flew out of the firepit we were all gathered around and BURNED A HOLE in Amanda’s new pants.  Seriously, fire?  F*ck you.  At least she wasn’t hurt.

Silver lining:  since these are nylon, the hole probably won’t fray, since the fabric likely melted.  Again, so glad she wasn’t hurt!  Eep.



11 thoughts on “Sew Selfless September: Jalie 3022”

    1. She’s a ham. Love her. :)

      Yeah…I don’t know what army I thought I was making gear for when I ordered 5 yards of this stuff. I feel like I should make some sort of spandex jumpsuit for Halloween or something.

  1. Hey, thank you so much for your comment on my blog post about the Burda Style tartan dress/separates! :) I really like to write in English and now I have the feeling that it pays off.

    The fire incident is so random and weird! Good thing she didn’t get hurt. I think it’s so great when people sew yoga pants/leggings because I can’t be bothered to sew knit/stretch materials. Well done!

    1. Toll! Ja, Vielen Dank fuer Englisch!

      Ich habe vier Jahren Deutsch gelernt, und mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht.

      ^That is my rudimentary, brief shot at it.

      I know English isn’t the easiest language, but German has so many tenses; it makes my head swim! I do with I had taken more, though: Ich liebe Deutsch und Deutschland!

      As for knits: they aren’t too hard to work with once you get used to them. Though, it’s another thing if you aren’t interested in wearing them… :)

  2. That topstitching looks *very* nice. You just dispelled my dim hope that all twin needles were stretch twin needles… hmm. I’ve been using a twin needles for hems on knits and I keep getting a pucker between the stitch lines. Probably needs a tension adjustment, but after some fiddling I couldn’t get it dialed in. Oh well.
    Also: Burning a hole in recently completed clothing = pretty much what I dread the first time I wear a new piece out of the house. I’m so sorry.

    1. Thank you! It could be that a regular twin needle might work for some knits and not others. I’m just glad I decided to practice on a spare piece of fabric first!

      Your puckering problem definitely sounds like a tension issue. I bet if you find a way to lower the tension, it will go away.

      Yes, it’s always a sad time when anything new gets ruined on the first wear. :( Hopefully she’ll still get some use out of them.

  3. That topstitching is very lovely :) Those pants look great! I just picked up this pattern so I hope they go as well for me. I hope her hand heals fast, ouch. And omg, puppies!! Love them.
    Twin needles work great, but I do think my coverstitch was my best investment!

    1. Thanks! :) I bet your pair will be even better with your coverstitch.

      Just a wee bit jealous; which coverstitch machine do you have, and would you go with the same one if you had it to do all over again?

      1. I went cheap with the Brother 2340. I wanted to make sure that I would use the thing, and that it would work as I wanted it to. I love it and I would get it all over again. Plus I like the fact that it is separate from my serger. I can bop between machines without having to switch around anything. Now, no seams are popped off clothes and they stretch just like they should.

  4. At least it sounds like you still have quite a bit of fabric to make a second pair :) haha. I saw the fire pit in the background before you mentioned the ember and thought about how I miss fires at home in MN. sigh. I do wish FabricMart had more supplex…I have a pair of supplex yoga pants that I wear ALL THE TIME. Seriously, I’m wearing them now.

    The pants look fabulous..I love the top banding actually. And they look like a great fit. A lucky friend indeed!

  5. These look really good and very close to a RTW version I like quite well due to the back seams which are very flattering. Nice job and love the color!

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