Sew Selfless September: McCall’s 6966

Well, this is a tad late, but it was a little slow going between my short participation in the Fashion Challenge 2, and my September dental torture procedure (God bless nitrous oxide.  However, I’m not sure the issue was fixed, as I’m having pain again.  :(  I despair), but here is my second Sew Selfless September item!

McCall's 6966

It’s McCall’s 6966 (which you already knew by the post title) and the same pattern I used for my Mini Wardrobe gathered silk georgette skirt.  I made this skirt for my sis, K.  While we were shopping last Fall, we found pretty much this exact skirt at Gap and she really loved it, so I decided to whip her up one!

McCall's 6966Channeling Jennifer Garner’s recent thoughts…  To that I say:  what baby bump?

While I’m sure there are some minute differences, this skirt is very close to its inspiration garment; even down to its uber softness.  I can’t remember exactly where I got this delectable rayon/lycra jersey of heavenliness, but I suspect it probably came from Fabric Mart. It hangs and moves like a dream…

McCall's 6966
McCall's 6966

You know you love someone when you use the really tactilely delicious materials for them.  ;)  (It’s the ultimate sewist test of love, Scout’s honor).

McCall's 6966

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I kind of wanted to keep it.  But that’s what Sew Selfless September is about:  battling selfish sewing habits!  This is why it’s easier to make things for men instead.  Right?  Sure.
McCall's 6966It works untucked, too!

This is the same exact skirt (and same already 4″ shortened pattern pieces) that I used for the lining of my Mini Wardrobe skirt.  It worked out because we’re fairly similar in size.  I am a bit bigger, but elastic works wonders and knits are so forgiving.

McCall's 6966

I also meant to share a photo of the 6966 that I made with the hi-lo hem, but never got photos of it.  Oops.  Maybe I’ll mention it in a random future post!

McCall's 6966Testing out the thought of being a Mombie for Halloween…

This is really a great skirt pattern.  It’s fast as the dickens and is a maxi that allows for free movement while walking.  I’ve made three in the last three months and I could see myself making more in the future.  Prolly gonna take a break for now, though.  ;)

Speaking of Selfless September, here are a couple of last makes from Creative Saturdays!  A rockin’ laptop sleeve..


And a beanbag cover for her sister, who is starting college!

Beanbag cover

After this, I have one last Selfless September item to post, and then I’ll be full speed ahead on the Fall Essentials Sew-Along!

* * * * *

In other news, I’ve decided to do a 5-part series on our wedding, which took place in May!  <3  We’ve had our professional wedding photos back for a while now, and I’ve decided that it’s time to share the bit of DIY, as well as decor, and some of my favorite shots from the day!  Stay tuned!  :)


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