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FESA: Ooh La Leggings and a Passionate PSA

Thanks for all your very sweet compliments on my Burda top!

I got my first make of FESA done a couple of weeks ago, and you got a sneak peek on Thursday when I shared my TBT Burda top. I’ve finished my Papercut Patterns’ Ooh La Leggings!

Here’s the full outfit together:

Ooh La Leggings

More on them in a bit, I just need to get something off of my chest…


I can hear your internal dialogue as you read this: “Alrighty then… But, they cover your legs and you’re wearing them like pants… Also, who died and made you Queen?” Hell if I know, but it has to be said.

Seriously, people. You can wear them as pseudo pants if your shirt/tunic covers your ass, or under a dress, but in no other situation should they be applied.

Ooh La LeggingsBunses encapsulated? Check!

Even on our honeymoon in Italy and France I saw leggings worn as pants throughout the land. C’mon, fashionable Europeans, work with my arbitrary rules for gracious living!

Case in point:

Ooh La LeggingsI’m really sorry to subject you to this

I don’t care what shape or size you are; I don’t need to see anyone’s ass defined that clearly. Ok? OK?!

Ooh La LeggingsDear Lord…hide the children!

Whew. As you can see, I feel a little strongly about the issue. My first world problems are really the most severe. Calming down, taking a deep breath and slowly stepping off of my soapbox…

Ooh La LeggingsApproved

OK, back to these leggings. First, some history:  I’ve made them before, and but they never got blogged. Here’s my first pair; nylon supplex from…maybe Fabric Mart?  Perhaps Finished November 4, 2013:

Ooh La Leggings

Ooh La Leggings

I also made a second pair from a Cotton lycra I picked up at Spandex World (purchased on my fab Fall 2013 NYC vacay), which were finished November 27, 2013.  I realized while writing this that I don’t have any photos of them, but they’re black and look much like the pair I just got done.

I used a size XS for all three pairs, but may try somewhere between an XS and S for future pairs, as I’m not quite as small as when I made these first couple up. (Papercut’s sizing runs a bit large; I wonder what truly tiny people do…).  On this first pair, I had to take in the waist a smidge and once they were finished decided the rise way way too high for my liking. I really don’t need what extra baggage I have to be completely encased like a high-end shaw-shage (this is how my 2 year old niece says it, and it kills me every time. She so loves her sausage).

I’ve worn the gray leggings to work out, but they almost have too many seams to be comfortable.  Plus, I hemmed them a bit short and always am tugging at them.  They don’t get too much play these days.

For my second pair, I decided to cut down the rise about 2″, which ends up being perfect on me.

Ooh La Leggings

Ooh La Leggings

Also, these leggings are really long.  I am 5’4″ with about a 30-31″ inseam, and I had to shorten them FIVE inches to be a good length.  Five inches!  If you have anyone super tall in your life who needs leggings, they’ll appreciate the length of these.  In my first pair, I just cut as directed and hemmed.  This left things a bit baggy in the ankles.  For pair 2, I shortened along the lower part of the leg of each pattern piece like so and achieved a better fit through the calf and ankle:

Ooh La Leggings

And it worked like a charm.

This current pair is made from a wicking poly lycra (I’m about 90% sure it was that one) I purchased from Fabricline (Rose City Textiles, for you Portland locals) this Spring and was intended to make a fast drying dress for our honeymoon.  The dress was a disaster, but I had enough of this fabric left over (really just barely; it was quite the squeeze) to make these leggings, so all was not completely lost.

Ooh La Leggings

After the first two pairs, I was all set on pattern adjustments, so all I had to do this time was cut and sew.  Woohoo!

Ooh La Leggings

The takeaway this time:  Leggings are not pants, and I love these leggings!  ;)

FESA project count:  1 done, 7-8 to go.



24 thoughts on “FESA: Ooh La Leggings and a Passionate PSA”

  1. Haha, you’re post has made me chuckle! I totally agree, leggings are not pants and bottoms should be covered!
    Yours look so professional, the seams look fab, do you have a coverstitch machine?
    I’ve made a few pairs of espresso leggings by Cake patterns and love them, put they look much easier to make than yours.

      1. No changes to normal leggings type fabric, but I did add about 1/2 inch all the way round for the stretch woven fabrics and they’ve turned out fine. Take less than an hour per pair now!

  2. I’m the complete opposite…I love being a sausage and wearing leggings up high!! I actually just finished adjusting a pattern so that they WOULD go up to my belly button. haha

    Your leggings look great – I want to try that pattern. How did you finish the elastic waistband? Did you serge the elastic to the fabric or thread it through a hole?

    1. To each their own…oh the wonder of sewing it yourself! Sausage it up, girl.

      For the waistband, I serged the edge, then turned/stitched the casing to thread the elastic through (per the pattern instructions). I always seem to have problems with sewing elastic onto things…

  3. I’m not a leggings person at all (expect for workout) so regarding me, you are preaching to the choir. That said, I do like the interesting seam lines on this pair and they go great with you top.

  4. What a great fit!! And yes, totally agree that leggings aren’t pants. Tights aren’t either. When I see someone wearing them as pants I always wonder if those girls don’t have friends, or familiy, to tell them so…

    1. I feel like there should be some woman code that allows us to freely help out those girls who incorrectly use their leggings. Sort of a “Hey, you have some crap on your face” between friends, but for general use by anyone toward anyone.

  5. Hmmmm, interesting! I’m going to be naughty and admit that I absolutely wear my leggings as pants. :) I’ve never made a sheer pair or a skin-tight pair (all my leggings but 2 are me-made, McCall’s M6173), so perhaps that’s where my bias comes from.

    Now, the skin-tight, nothing-left-to-the-imagination leggings …. those skeeve me out. All I can think of is moisture and chafing. Ewwwwww.

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