TBT: Burda Style Ruched Top

So, I was looking over my fabric in/out spreadsheet, which contains the finish dates of each garment I’ve completed and realized that I have made about 50 things this year for a total of around 115 yards used, and I have blogged about a mere 11 of them.  WTH?  Get to it, girl.

And that’s not counting the things I made at the end of last year that were never blogged, either.  Sheesh.

Chances are, I won’t get to all of them, but I’ve decided I’m going to do my own version of Throwback Thursday to chronicle some of the makes that never got their day in the sun.  Sure, I’m not going too far back, but I am going back.

First up?  This lovely Burda Style top from the January 2014 magazine.  Completed on March 29, 2014:

Burda Style 01/2014 #113


It might look a little familiar, since I pretty much copied the cover look.  I should have taken a photo posed like this, but alas, I did not.

Burda Style 01/2014

I whipped this bad boy up from a striped rayon jersey I bought from, where else, Fabric Mart.  It has a wonderfully smooth hand (which is what we all prize our rayon jerseys for, right?) and a nice, but manageable heft.

Burda Style 01/2014 #113
I traced off a size 40 because it was closest to my bust measurement (around 37″) and it fit great on the bust, but it was a bit too baggy on the waist and hip which I didn’t discern until I had sewn up the sides (of course).  We all know that in patterns with ruching, you really need a close fit to get the right effect, so, despite my chagrin at having to take in an edge that is already gathered (such a pain in the ass!) I just did it.  And I survived to tell the tale.

Burda Style 01/2014 #113
To stabilize the lower size ruching, I used a nondescript stay tape in my stash.  Bad choice, because it STRETCHED OUT under the pressure of this slightly heavy jersey.  Seriously, rando stay tape?  You are useless to me.  I throw you out.  I then replaced it with a clear elastic, AKA what I should’ve used in the first place.

Burda Style 01/2014 #113

I’m a big fan of the gathers on this piece.  Especially the raglan gathers.

Burda Style 01/2014 #113

If I were to do this over again, I would maybe take it in a smidge further on the sides, and gather the side at least an inch more than was directed.  Other than that, I’m very happy and this was quite a nice and quick sew!

Burda Style 01/2014 #113

I really love it, though.  It’s a great piece to wear with leggings, and makes me feel put together and chic when I throw it on.

Despite the horror of tracing off Burda patterns from the a clusterfuck maze of pattern sheets, I find myself enjoying Burda and its fit more and more.

* * * * *

Coming soon:  My first FESA make, plus hopefully my Sew Selfless September makes!


21 thoughts on “TBT: Burda Style Ruched Top”

  1. Really cute! I’m impressed that you already took the photos … that’s the most difficult part for me! Also the blogging part, because yea, it always takes longer than I expect it should.

    1. Yeah, that is totally the most difficult part of blogging! I feel like I can write anywhere, but photos you have to take time to make happen. I had been thinking of older makes to blog about and had the foresight to throw this into the mix when taking other photos.

    1. Thanks, Anne! And you caught it: the one place the stripes match. I thought about mentioning it, but since none of the other seams have matching stripes, it didn’t seem quite enough of a feat. :P

  2. Ha Nakisha! I was just going to write “Jealous” myself! I have had this on my to-do list since I first laid eyes on it. I’d love to copy the book and you! It looks great and I’m super happy to see it on a real person and not all weird-posed-burda-model. Love it!

    1. The highest of compliments! Thank you. :) And yes, I very much enjoy the spreadsheet I’ve cultivated over the last couple of years. Do ya think a blog post on the spreadsheet be too boring?

  3. Yes, your spreadsheet does sound amazing! I log my sewing efforts on a calendar, but only recently began tracking my fabric expenditures … Anyway, this dress looks awesome!!! Much better than the cover of the magazine. Great job on the sewing, great job on the fit, and using TBT to showcase your unblogged makes is a great idea. :)

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