Fall Essentials Sew-Along!

I’ve been a bit ebb and flow on the posting lately, but if there’s one thing I know, it’s that this is a fantastic idea:

And, I know many of you are participating or have seen it around already, but I just needed to put my 2 cents in.  FAB IDEA.

For those of you not familiar, this is a bloggy sew and knit-along for all things Fall!  There’s a list of seven suggested categories, but you get to make or not make whatever in tarnation you damn well please.  Here are they are:

1.  Fashionable Foundations for Frosty Weather:  lower body separates (pants, skirts, leggings, etc.)
2.  Chic Chemises for Cool Climates:  upper body separates (Blouses, tops, vests, cardigans, and sweaters)
3.  Fabulous Frocks:  DRESSES
4.  Underneath It All:  undergarments (bras, undies, slips, etc.)
5.  Tender Tootsies:  foot related accessories (socks and slippers)
6.  Those Cozy Nights:  sleepwear
7.  Baby It’s Cold Outside:  outerwear and accessories (coats, hats, mittens, scarves, etc.)

So, what’s on my docket for FESA?  Let’s explore category by category:

Fashionable Foundations for Frosty Weather

Papercut Patterns Ooh La Legging

Papercut Patterns – Ooh La Leggings

I have two unblogged pairs of these that I made last year that I love.  NEED MORE LEGGINGS.

Next, some real pants:

Sewaholic Thurlow

Sewaholic – Thurlow Trousers

I would like to make some woven pants that actually fit, and these are on my “to conquer” list since my last attempt over two years ago.  Shit is about to get real with the weather, and I can’t be flouncing about in subzero Hell of Wisconsin in skirts and dresses.  I bought the book Pants for Real People to aid in my journey.  Please pray for my soul and my sanity.  Backup woven pant pattern suggestions?

~ OR ~

Jalie 2908Jalie 2908

I’ve also had this pattern for quite a while and have been meaning to give jeans-making a try.  I want to make these more than I want to make the Thurlows, but I have a lot of jeans and very few other types of woven pants.

Chic Chemises for Cool Climates


McCall’s 7026

When McCall’s released this jacket/legging pattern with their late Fall collection, I knew it had to be mine.  I just love a good fitted athletic jacket.  Still undecided whether this will be a hoodie or not; all I know for sure is I will not be making the one with the ruffles and lace overlay wings (view C).

Mimi G Cardi

Simplicity 1283

I really like this cardi, even if it does reminds me of the robe-ish cardigans that were popular in the early 2000s.  This is a bit shorter than most of those were, which will hopefully allow its wear-ability not depend solely on current trends.  So, I shall be making one!  As of now, I’m planning to use a great white and black Maggy London doubleknit I bought from Fabric Mart.  I also really dig the pants that come with this pattern, but am trying to stick to the woven pant train; it’s just too easy to keep making knit pants, which doesn’t allow me to broaden my horizons.

If time allows:


McCall’s 7016

The top version of this pattern, to do sizing prep for making the dress version at a later date.

Fabulous Frocks


Vogue 8946

I made a sleeveless version of this dress for my cousin’s bachelorette party and decided immediately that I would need a sleeved one made of wool jersey for the Fall/Winter.

Underneath It All

Pin-Up Girls Classic

Pin-Up Girls – Classic Bra

~ OR ~

Pin Up Shelley BraPin-Up Girls – Shelley Bra

I’ve owned all of the bits and bobs necessary to make up a bra for at least a year, but probably longer.  It’s high time to just do it.  This has high potential of being a “meh” instead of a “WOOHOO!”  It’ll definitely be a fitting and sewing learning curve.

Tender Tootsies

Plain Vanilla Socks

Knitty Gritty Thoughts – Plain Vanilla Socks

I’ve knitted up many pairs of socks in my day with fun, crazy cables and pretty lace, but I have come to realize that the most comfy handknit socks are the really blah ones to knit.  I have more of these Plain Vanillas in my sock drawer (this pic is of the first pair I completed in January 2012) than fancy ones, for sure.  And so, I shall make another pair of boring-ass socks out of vibrant sock yarn that I will love.  :)

Those Cozy Nights

I don’t really need any sleepwear right now, so I’m gonna pass on this category.  I do have one idea of a piece I’ve wanted to make for a while, but will only whip it up if time allows.

Baby It’s Cold Outside


Kwik Sew 3813

I bought the fabric and pattern for this jacket this Spring but didn’t get it put together yet.  I’ll be using a really, really soft dark purple cuddle fleece and some dark gray ripstop nylon that I got from Fabric Mart.

* * * * *

So yeah, hoping to get all 8-9 of these lovely garments finished in the next seven weeks (I already have some done; I started on October 1, but had other things I wanted to post before this!).  I feel like the list is a bit jacket and cardigan heavy, so I may make some pattern substitutions.

I can usually churn out one garment a week fairly easily, and a bit more if I push myself.  I very much considered making up my Style Arc Ziggi during FESA, since I have the fabric (er, vinyl) and zippers all ready to go, but decided that it just doesn’t make sense since it will be too cold to wear by the time it’s done.

What Fall sewing plans do you have?

*All photos are property of their respective owners.



10 thoughts on “Fall Essentials Sew-Along!”

  1. Such nice plans. Ahhhhhhhh. I love sewing plans. I have so many jackets on my list and need to really bring myself back to reality. Like, I have 6 jacket/cardigans on my list. Which is kind of insane, no?

    I love hand knit socks. LOVE.

      1. So recently I started obsessing about making my first pair of jeans. I have the Jalie pattern too and a couple of Big4 patterns that I bought when I first started sewing that now look un-promising.

        Want to plan a December or January project of the month and sew jeans??

  2. I love reading everyone else’s sewing plans. Unfortunately, I probably won’t be partaking in much fun fall sewing–my next project is a winter coat, which I desperately need. (I never needed one before moving to Seattle last year, and I froze not having one.) And I want to have it finished before I REALLY need it.

    1. So, when I first read this, the Midwesterner in me chuckled a bit at the thought of your freezing Seattle Winter. But, we all know that everything is relative, and Seattle must be a shock after San Diego.

      Hopefully you’ll get a wonderful coat finished in time for the cold to set in! What pattern are you planning to use?

  3. Love these plans! I’d like one of each, too :) And I love those knitted socks… I want to work on my knitting skills so I can do that, too… but I have so much sewing I want to do… but I want nice socks like that… And I have a hugeomumgous list of things I want to sew, I’d be up forever tonight if I posted my (very hopeful!) plans

    1. Comin’ right up! ;)

      Knitting is great when you are traveling or have just a few minutes where you want to keep your hands busy (though, I imagine your hands are busy enough with the wee one), and socks are great on the go because they’re so compact!

      I hear you about that giganto list, though. Sometimes I think about all of the things I want to make and it makes me a little anxious because there is just not enough time in the day…then I remind myself that I do this for FUN. ;)

  4. Sewing plans…hah! More like when the spirit moves me ;)

    Like Nakisha I want to sew many more jackets. I have so many jacketing fabrics that I need to get out of my stash! I also need more wool trousers and sheath dresses. And of course I need to do something with all of those bra kits I’ve been collecting from Merckwaerdigh…

    1. I hear ya, sister! I posted these plans, and now, a mere two days later, I already have started to change them. I am such a sewing plan flake! There are just too many pretty patterns in the world. Not that I’m complaining.

      Looking forward to seeing what you cook up this Autumn! Love the pinstripe set you posted today. May have to hit you up for some bra sewing tips if I get stuck! ;)

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