Bachelorette Betty and Wedding Wishes: Vogue 8946

So, my cousin cousister  Al is getting married…



I decided that it was highly appropriate to write a post that included her on this very special day.

Dear Al:  today I wish you all of the love and happiness in the world.  I hope for you a marriage full of laughs and understanding, for kind arms to soothe tears of all kinds, and for many, many years of love, stability and compassion for you both.

We’ll be honest, though, the posts on this blog are sew (yeah, I went there) self centered no matter what I do.

But that does not diminish the love.  The love between Al and her lucky beau that will soon bind them together.  The love that we all have for her.  The love personified today that will remind us of the love all around us, and make us grateful.

And when love turns to impending marriage, there has to be one very special night for the bride to (maybe) remember:



And nothing says “time to make a new dress” like a bachelorette party.

AlisonMy two sisters and me.  :)

Al’s bachelorette party was a wonderland of to-die-for chocolate tasting (seriously; single origin chocolate of the Gods), Tex-Mex food and delicious craft cocktails made from locally distilled spirits.  I also created a dress code for the festivities:  the LBD.  Or, for those of you who have been living under a rock for the last couple of decades the Little Black Dress.

Cue Vogue 8946:

Vogue 8946
It doesn’t always have this weird neck pulling, despite these photos.

I used a super duper polyesterful Bebe knit that I bought from FabricMart a couple of months ago.  It has a nice heft, stretch, and good recovery, so I know it would work well for this dress.

Vogue 8946

Vogue 8946

Instead of lining, per the instructions, I used a binding on the neck and arms.  Lining it may have smoothed the tummy out a bit, perhaps, but I’m plenty happy with how it turned out.  I also omitted the zipper, because, c’mon, totally unnecessary.

Vogue 8946

Vogue 8946

I decided to make this dress about 2 days before the party (which seems to be on par for many a dress I have whipped up in my life), which means I didn’t have time to f*ck around.  I measured, cut and prayed, and it turned out pretty well.  The back of the dress could use a bit of a swayback, but I’m happy with how it turned out overall.

Vogue 8946

Vogue 8946

I cut a 10 in the neck and arms and a 12 in the body.  I was afraid the armscye would be too small in a 10, so I used a smaller seam allowance on the shoulder (3/8″ instead of 5/8″).  I don’t know why I thought it would be a problem in this sleeveless dress, and think it would fit better up top if I had just taken all 5/8″.

Other than that, I don’t think I made any other alterations, (this was made over a month ago) except for possibly taking the waist and hip in a bit.  I really need to write this shit down when I don’t blog it immediately.  I’m glad that this fits pretty well without an FBA, because I’m sure THAT would be an interesting endeavor, I if needed.

Vogue 8946

Vogue 8946

 For this to look more like the pattern envelope, I’d need to shorten it a couple of inches, but I’m cool with where it lands now.

Vogue 8946

Vogue 8946Sorry, it’s impossible to make a dress of this sort and not take
a photo t
hat looks like this. 

We had an awesome time toasting Al on her big last girls night out.


You can have some, but you can’t keep them.


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