SSS: Weekly Wrap Up Round 4

And now we have finally made it:  the last Sew Selfless September weekly wrap up.

Beth from Sewing After Dark made an adorable dress for her daughter, which you can see here (privacy settings won’t allow me to post the photo here on the blog).

* * * * *

And that’s all she wrote!

I bet you’re also wondering where my last two items are…they’re done, but I have been terrible with getting photos of anything lately, thus the scant posting.  You’ll see them sometime this month, I expect!

Thank you guys so much for sewing with me – it was totally awesome to see what everyone came up with!  :)


4 thoughts on “SSS: Weekly Wrap Up Round 4”

  1. That’s a cute dress :)
    I’m so sorry I missed posting my beanbag in time for this (and in actually finishing the laptop case for the end of September) – I really enjoyed the challenge and would definitely be keen to join again if you repear it next year. It has been so nice to see others’ ideas too. Maybe next year I’d include an item for charity rather than gifts for people close to me!

    Looking forward to seeing your last two :)

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