2nd Challenge: Make it fit

So, I finished my second garment of Fabric Mart Fashion Challenge 2!  So excited to make it on to round 2!  This week was about making a well-fitting garment.

I made Butterick 5678, which I believe recently went out of print.

Butterick 5678

It looks pretty good from the front

Butterick 5678

Not too bad from the side

Butterick 5678

But the back is not super stellar

Butterick 5678

It’s not my proudest moment in fitting, but it’s passable. Whether real or perceived, this is what I get for going outside of my comfortable little design box that’s full of knits and dresses.  I think that the challenge of making, and properly fitting, a button down shirt (or, boobie shirt, as my friend Nikki decreed on Facebook) was maybe a bit too much challenge for a 4 day turnaround.  I haven’t sewn one of these puppies up in at least a decade, so I’m not very used to the fitting issues involved.

Butterick 5678

I’ve also had a weird tooth pain for 11 days now that has kept me from sewing and past day 4 ibuprofen hasn’t been helping.   Mouth pain is the worst (and this has blossomed from tooth pain into jaw stiffness and pain.  I have bruxism but I haven’t felt anything quite like this before) and when you’re in pain it’s tiring and you don’t feel like doing anything.  I saw the dentist last week and they couldn’t find a thing (UGH!!!).  I’m headed to the endodontist this morning; wish me luck.

I didn’t get my first muslin done until Saturday and then spent almost all day Sunday and then all night Monday finishing this (after we were alerted during the day on Monday that the deadline had changed from “Tuesday” to “4:00 pm EST Tuesday.”  I went to bed Monday night at 12:30 and now, two days later, I still feel exhausted.  <—whiner

I’m not sure how I’ll do on this round, I know I won’t be winning this segment, but it would really like to go on to the next round.  I can fit garments fairly well; when I finish them in enough time to re-evaluate the fit.  There was just no way for me to fix what happened on the back of this shirt between the mock up and the final version…I simply ran out of time.  I am happy that there is no gaping in the front, though.  In that respect, it really is an excellent boobie shirt!

Hey, at least I’m OK at top stitching.

Butterick 5678Sorry about the two chins…LOL

Butterick 5678

Here’s the statement I sent to Julie at Fabric Mart about my shirt:

When we first heard about this challenge, I wasn’t sure what I should make.  I went back and forth between a dress and a button down shirt, but decided on the latter because it’s nearly impossible to find a ready to wear woven shirt that fits my bust.  Plus, making one of these has been on my “to do” list for a while now, so I decided to finally take the plunge, and take a risk by making a type of garment I haven’t sewn in about a decade.  Really any dress would have been a much safer pick for me.

I chose to use Butterick 5678.  It’s one of those ABCD pick-your-own-cup-size sort of patterns.  I measure into a 12-14 in patterns, but based on the measurements on the pattern tissue, I decided to go with a 10 (D cup).

I used a plain old woven for my muslin and made my final version in a stretch woven that I picked up at SR Harris in the Twin Cities.  It was labeled as cotton, but it is most definitely a cotton/synthetic blend (plus the lycra).  It was not probably the best choice for this pattern with all of this top stitching, as it has a slight sheen and shows every stitch, but I’m happy with the flexibility it offers.

Fitting-wise, I ended up flattening out the top of the cup a bit, adding a small broad back adjustment to the shoulder area, shortening the whole thing above the waist by 1/2″ and adding a 1/2″ swayback adjustment.  In the end product, the back is a bit loose, especially compared to how well the front fits.  The sleeves seem long, but really need to be to account for the bending of the elbows; they are actually the perfect length as I type this.

Visit here to see what everyone else came up with!  If you like mine, I would appreciate your vote.  :)  Voting starts now and ends tomorrow, which is Thursday September 18th, 2014.


18 thoughts on “2nd Challenge: Make it fit”

  1. I think you did a great job with the fit. the front looks fantastic and I agree that it is hard to get a good fit there. Sorry about your mouth pain :( I know somewhat how that feels with my TMJ. Stinks when you hope it’s just a tooth so they can fix it. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. How did you “flattening out the top of the cup a bit” ? I’ve used similar cup sized patterns and while I wear a D cup found I had too much fabric around the bust area. I would be grateful for any information. TIA :)

  3. Ahhh, hope they figure out what’s up with the tooth. It truly sucks and just drains your energy!

    I almost chose 8972!! Now, we can just sew it together :-D Love the shirt, but you already knew that :-p

  4. I think you all did a great job, especially considering the time constraints for this challenge. It sort of reminds me of the Project Runway challenges where the contestants get 2 days to sew a couture gown.

  5. Okay–long comment alert.

    First–sorry to read about your mouth pain. I have suffered from many teeth and mouth issues, and they are awful. I hope you find what’s causing all of it…

    Second–I know about the 4 pm Tuesday time limit. I was in Cleveland, sewing in the hotel room when I received the message. AGH! I was really hoping to get more time on Tuesday since I knew Monday would be shot for anything substantial (aside from some small sewing on Mon am and hand sewing in the car on the drive home). You are not a whiner. We are all there with you!

    Third–I made the sheath dress for the same reason you made the shirt–it is nearly impossible for me to find dress that fit both my bust and hips, which is why I chose the dress for me. As you know (I emailed you this am), my stepmother has your fit issues, so I know how hard it is to get a shirt to fit your bust properly. I think your shirt looks great and you should be thrilled with the outcome, especially since it was a four-day turnaround.


    1. Thanks, Dina. Think we finally have the mouth situation figured out…now to correct it. :\

      Wow, taking your sewing machine on the road! Hardcore.

      Thanks for your email, and yay for us going outside of the box to make things we couldn’t just purchase off the rack!

  6. You did a really good job, especially in the time. That first picture does exemplify why we sew – it fits you so well across the bust and from what you say you could never get that in RTW.

  7. Sorry about your mouth pain. :( Here’s hoping the endodontist can find and correct the source of your pain. Good luck in the challenge this week; you definitely nailed the fit on the front of your shirt!

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