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Sew Selfless Sunday: Thread Theory Comox Trunks

So, I got my first Sew Selfless September item finished…

Thread Theory Comox Trunks
Thread Theory Comox Trunks
Thread Theory Comox Trunks

Thread Theory Comox boxers for Mr. 5!

He declined to model them.  I tried the “how about just an ass shot?” angle with no dice.  It’s OK, I’ll keep that cute butt all to myself.

I only made one change, and that was to make the curve of the front opening bigger.  I moved the curve down 1″ and over 1/2″, connecting with my french curve.


I changed the pattern after some feedback I received from him about the line drawing of the boxers.  I forget the exact wording Mr. 5 used, but the spirit of of it was “My wang will choke if I have to thread it in and out of these small openings.”


Like I’ve said, I am the TMI master.  Sorry, honey.

Here’s what it looked like sewn up.  The pattern calls for having the curve to the left as shown above, but I chose to do the opposite because my top stitching was neater for this piece.  :P

Thread Theory Comox TrunksThread Theory Comox Trunks

The fabric I used for these was pretty fun…it’s an old T Shirt from a canoe race Mr. 5 participated in!

T shirt to Comox!
Yes, Mr. 5 used to live in a town where the school mascot
was a BEAVER. So much fodder for dirty jokes and puns.

Thread Theory Comox Trunks

T Shirt to Comox part 2

I was able to cut everything out pretty efficiently!  I used the upper front (the design, of course) for his buns, the sides and fly were cut from the lower part of the shirt, and the double faced crotch piece used to be the left sleeve.

Here are some obligatory innards photos:

Thread Theory Comox Trunks
Thread Theory Comox Trunks
Thread Theory Comox Trunks
Thread Theory Comox Trunks
Thread Theory Comox Trunks These boxers were really pretty fun and quick to sew together.  I’m looking forward to having Mr. 5 take these for a spin so he can let me know if any changes are necessary before I go all crazy and make a whole slew of them.  I’m also interested to see how the plain ol’ T-shirt fabric will wear over the course of a day.  May not be comfy; we’ll find out!

I already have a request for shorter (or fabric covered) waist elastic; the prescribed 1 1/2″ wide elastic isn’t Mr. Man’s cup o’ tea.  Will try 1″ next.  Anyone have recommendations for where to get nice, soft elastic?  Perhaps Sew Sassy?

This experience really makes me want to try some more Thread Theory patterns.  This one was drafted well, IMO, and I’m a sucker for neato packaging!

Thread Theory Comox Trunks

And since its’ been a while, here’s a photo of Oscar da Boxer.  It’s only fitting to include him when we are talking about boxers anyway:


I took this while I was cutting out the boxers.  At first I was like “Aww, he looks so cute; legs all over the place like a puppy!” and then I realized I had made a lot of noise and he hadn’t moved at all, and his eyes were sort of half open.  Those things kind of freaked me out, so I proceeded to poke him until he woke up.  Poor guy having to deal with mama’s neuroses!


14 thoughts on “Sew Selfless Sunday: Thread Theory Comox Trunks”

  1. I got very excited when I initially saw your pattern review because I thought they were for women (BEAVER jokes abound). My favorite underwear used to be Hanes ladies boxer briefs…until they started putting in a back center seam. Not cool. Did you use regular polyester thread or wooly nylon in your serger?

    1. Hahaha that would have been good. Should have totally saved his T shirt for some undies for me! I still enjoy making beaver jokes regardless.

      I hate women’s underwear with a center back seam with a passion. AWFUL.

      I just used regular ol’ Maxi-Lock. I’ve been curious about wooly nylon, but have never actually used it in the ~6 years that I’ve had my serger. I should do that one o’ these days!

    1. I’ve been looking around Wawak for a few weeks now, plotting my first purchase.

      I was looking at elastics there after I finished these boxers last week and couldn’t tell from the descriptions which would be soft. Is there a particular elastic they sell that you would recommend?

  2. What a great way to use old tee shirts! I’ll be looking forward to hearing if the knit holds up all day, and how he feels about the comfort of the fabric. And I’m really impressed at how professional that front opening looks. What fun it would be to use those tee shirts….!

  3. Love your review of this pattern. Especially the TMI. 😂 How else are we supposed to work things out when beginning to make a new pattern if no one shares their experience. You’re dog is adorable. Great job on the construction! Thank you.

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