SSS: Weekly Wrap Up Round One!

Sew Selfless September is in full swing!


Let’s see what’s been goin’ on…I kinda missed posting last Saturday as intended.  Sorry!  It’s cool, I’m making up for it now.  :)

Our friend from across the pond at Creative Saturdays made a baby pillowcase and an eye mask for her sister-in-law.



So sweet.  Bet she’ll be really excited to receive them, if she hasn’t already.  :)

I thought babies didn’t use pillows?  Shows what I know!

Next, we’ll take a jaunt down South to take a peek at this sweet-ass shirt that Natalie of Threads and Bobbins made for her special guy Adam.  What a fab use of this print and a great fit!

full shirt

So cool!  <–Say in your head with Strongbad’s voice.

I also just really like this shirt with those glasses – nice and retro.

Natalie also made this cool guitar pouch for him:

Finished zipper pouch

Owl Thanksgiving fabric?  Yes, please.  Owl any fabric is good fabric.

* * * * *

Keep ’em coming!  Let’s see how we awesome unselfish we can be for the next 2 and a half weeks!

Or, if you haven’t joined yet, it’s not too late!  Click the graphic at the top of this post, or here for more info.

*All photos are property of their respective owners


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