Sew Excited and a Reminder

Hey folks!  Thanks for all of your awesome comments on my Scout Tee for the Fabric Mart Fabricista Fashion Challenge 2!

I just had a three things to say today:

1.  Voting for the Fashion Challenge ends today, so if you’re keen on voting and like what I’ve done, I would be very grateful for your vote!  :)

Fashion Challenge 2

2.  I haven’t forgotten about Sew Selfless September!

Sew Selfless September

It’s near and dear to my heart; keep your eyes peeled for a couple of related posts this weekend.

3.  I had some gleeful excitement on Tuesday evening…I decided to jump on a fabulous deal a couple of weeks ago, and was able to pick up my NEW SEWING MACHINE this week!

New sewing machine!Selfies with your sewing machine are the best kind of selfies

I’m sew (LOL gag. I know, I know:  I did it in the title…) so excited to use IDT with my sewing projects and have tons of new pretty basic embroidery options that I may or may not use, but will definitely be exploring.

More on my new machine later!


7 thoughts on “Sew Excited and a Reminder”

    1. Hey! Sorry I’m so pokey. I bought the Performance 5.0. I’m really liking it, but feel like I haven’t cracked the surface yet. I probably could’ve gone with a lesser model and gotten most of what I wanted.

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