It’s Sew Selfless September!

First off, thanks for all of the congrats and encouragement in regards to Fabric Mart’s Fashion Challenge 2!  We just received our first assignment today, which will be officially announced on Fabric Mart’s blog tomorrow.  I’m excited to begin working on it tonight!

But more importantly, it’s finally Sew Selfless September!  A chance (and reason) to make something for someone other than you.  If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. click the graphic below:

Sew Selfless September

For those who are participating in Sew Selfless September, how are your Selfless projects going in these first few days of the month?

I have one of mine done (in anticipation of the FM contest; hope to get it blogged soon!) and another cut out, ready to sew!  As for the third, I’m not sure who it will be for yet.  I have a tiny bit of time to decide, right?  :)


2 thoughts on “It’s Sew Selfless September!”

  1. Oooh! I’m up to 2 selfless items ALREADY! And have 2 tees to make my daughter before her bday on Tuesday. And I think I’ll pick up some of that cotton lycra to try my hand at making a tee for the boy.


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