Fabricista Fashion Challenge 2

So, I got some exciting news last night…

I’ve been chosen to compete in Fabric Mart‘s Fabricista Fashion Challenge 2!

fashionchallengeposter 2 copy

Fabric Mart is my favorite online fabric store, if you couldn’t tell from all of the references in my completed garment posts, and I am so excited to be a participant!

Other notables include Ann from Sew Baby, who won Pattern Review’s Mini Wardrobe contest (and rightfully so!) and Nakisha from Sew Crafty Chemist, who I also happen to be meeting in person tomorrow! Yay!

I’ve not run into the rest of the ladies competing before in the blogosphere, but look forward to seeing what we all come up with.

The first challenge will be announced September 5th, so keep an eye on Fabric Mart’s blog to see all of the action.

Hooray! Squee!

* * * * *

In related news, this means that September on my blog will be a double feature between the Fashion Challenge and Sew Selfless September:

Only three days until September begins! I think we have 3-4 of us sewing for others so far; take a peek here to see what the hell I’m talking about and find out how to join in on the selfless fun! :)

With the Fashion Challenge, my September won’t be quite as selfless as I envisioned, but it is too fun of an opportunity to let pass by.


12 thoughts on “Fabricista Fashion Challenge 2”

  1. Congrats!!! :-D

    I’m “blog buddies” with Dina and Beth. And didn’t realize that was Anne who won the mini wardrobe contest (which was amazing!).

    This will be VERY fun!!!

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