My Sewing Room: an Evolution

My sewing room has been a work in progress since I bought my house in November of 2010.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve lived here for almost four years now!

In those four years so much has happened.  My sister had my niece, (my nephew was just over a year old when I bought the house) and shortly after I met Mr. 5.  In 2012 he moved in, (Oh, sin!) and then we got married this year.  <3 

These are just a few of the lots of wonderful things I’ve experienced in this little starter home.

This is the first photo of them together and one of my favorites

From the first time I looked at the house, I knew the room the current owners were using as an office would be my sewing room.  My sewing room, which after proof-reading this post, seems like a poster child for Ikea.  Hope I don’t bore you too much with my loquacious detail:  seeing other people’s sewing spaces is fascinating to me and I decided it was time to share.

Here’s what it looked like December 2010 or so:

Sewing Room circa 2010

I sewed on the folding table on the right that then became my now old cutting table for about a year.

Sewing Room circa December 2010Sewing Room circa December 2010

Painted, stenciled and put new hardware on this dresser, which was my childhood dresser (it was brown when I was growing up, and not pretty wood brown, painted brown).  It was placed against the wall behind it.

I knew two things for certain; I hated the curtains and bright green is not my color for…anything.  Blech.

The only room I painted when I moved into the house was my sewing room, and I painted it all by myself.  I didn’t do a very good job and there are paint marks on the ceiling (one of which I regularly think is a spider out of the corner of my eye), but I love the color.  My only misstep in painting was to purchase low-VOC paint but forget to do so with the primer.  I had my windows open in the middle of December (in Wisconsin, mind you) and still got high as a kite.  I sure enjoy my wine, but this was not a high I enjoyed.  Really a shame.

Sewing Room circa January 2010

And then, I went to Ikea (where else?) because I wanted a 5×5 Expedit shelf.  I had previously owned a 4×4 Expedit but had sold it before I moved out of my apartment because I knew I was going to want a bigger one in the house.  While I was there, I also happened to notice the Bygel rails with their lovely baskets and S hooks; the wheels turned.

I came home with some Bygels that trip, but the Expedit was out of stock in the size and color I needed.  :(  Not what you want to happen when you have to drive 5-6 hours round trip to buy it.  Thankfully, my friend Crystal was going to Ikea with a friend the next month and picked it up for me.  So awesome of her and her buddy!  :D

I put it together myself but had to have my parents come over (thanks, Mom and Dad!) to help me lift the giant Expedit; it weighs 200 pounds or so!

Sewing Room circa January 2010

I got an electric drill for Christmas that year and got busy mounting the Bygels to my walls.  Heck, I found as many reasons as I could to drill and screw throughout the house.  Pretty sure this is where my admiration of Ana White began.  Oh how I would love a table saw.  I digress.

And so my sewing room started to shape up.  Over the years I added additional pieces here and there that helped with storage and organization.

Here’s how things looked around September 2011.

Sewing Room circa September 2011

Sewing Room circa September 2011See the Bygel rails?  There are some in this and the next photo.

Sewing Room circa September 2011Painted the blue dresser white and new hardware once again!

According to photographic evidence, I acquired the Ikea Jonas desk around this time, (which has been awesome and has served my needs well these past few years).  It’s discontinued now, but its functionality is matched in this Malm desk.

Sometime in 2012, I bought this pretty cabinet, whose name escapes me (from where else?  Ikea), that is now discontinued.  It holds my ribbons/laces/decorative elastics, quilting fabrics, remnants, knitting/sewing books and the drawer is filled with random sewing what not (AKA junk I don’t feel like going through).

Sewing Room - Ikea cabinet (discontinued)

I also picked up a wide, squat set of rolling Ikea Alex drawers that house my office supplies, self-drafted patterns and supplies, knitting notions, and papercrafting supplies.  I have my printer on it now, but have thought about sliding it under my desk instead.  I haven’t because I’m not sure where else the printer would go.

Sewing Room - Alex drawer unit

I got this sweet, pretty Utsira mirror (discontinued…) from my February 2014 Ikea trip.  Finally got it hung up last week!  The butterflies on it aren’t quite my thing, but I love the wildflowers, and the wildflower/insect combo sure looks good with my new curtains (finished last week from cotton home decor fabric from Hancock Fabrics that I’ve been holding onto forever).

Here’s a close up:

Sewing Room mirror

Sewing Room curtains

Stay tuned for next time, when I show off my current sewing room in its entirety!  It just seemed like too much for one post after all of my evo-rambling.


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What is Sew Selfless September?  A reason to make for others, whether it be friends and family or a charity of your choice.

Sew Selfless September

Click the graphic above to join in on the fun and we’ll all find out what good karma we can acquire by our selfless acts of awesome sewing.


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