Join me for Sew Selfless September

I spend most of my creative time making things for myself.  I am generally pretty selfish in this regard and am only mildly apologetic for it (though I hate having to say no and often feel guilty about it):  sewing, knitting, and crafts in general take a lot of time and effort and there aren’t enough hours in the day.  In a nutshell:  I am often pretty Grinchy about it.

That being said, I’ve decided that it’s time to give back, give thanks, and be grateful for the gift of these skills I have – the ability to make beautiful things with my two hands.

To celebrate, I have decided to make for others this September, which also happens to be National Sewing Month.


My pledge:

I, Jess, of the Sometimes Sewist, pledge this Sew Selfless September to sew three items for my friends and family.

Why three?  Because more than that may drive me nuts, and I’m confident I’ll be able to finish them, considering my early and late September non-sewing related commitments (AKA life).   I think I can make it work; if not, I’ll die trying.  OK, not really.

Want to join me for the first ever Sew Selfless September?

Sure you do.  Here’s how:

1.  Post your pledge in the comments below, using this template:

“I, *name*, of *blog name*, pledge this Sew Selfless September to make *your pledge here* for *your intended receipt(s)*.” 

If you want to name specific people to make for or things you’re going to make, cool, if not cool, too.  You can see how vague my pledge is; no problem with leaving some wiggle room!

2. Spread the word! 

Post your Selfless sewing pledge on your own blog, and link it back to this post by using one of the badges below.

3.  Join the Sew Selfless September Flickr group.

ETA:  If you could please include a link to your blog post for each photo, that would be great!  :)

4.  Come September, make all the things for not you and post them to the Flickr group!

At this point I’m planning to share what we’ve all come up with on a weekly basis.  So excited to see what you beautiful people make for the beautiful people in your lives!

HTML for the badge:
I don’t know why, but when you copy the code below it adds all sorts of quotes.  You will have to delete one each of the doubled quotes for the code to work correctly.  Anyone know how to fix this?


<a href=””><img src=””  width=”279″ height=”280″ /></a>


Sew Selfless September<a href=””><img src=””  width=”150″ height=”150″ /></a>


Q:  Who should I make things for?

A:  Anyone!  You can make for your family or friends or you could choose a charity who could use your expertise.  Heck, you could even make things and hand them out to strangers on the street.  That could be interesting.

Q:  How many things do I have to make for others?

A:  As many or few as you’d like to and/or are comfortable with.  To participate, it just takes pledging to make ONE thing for someone who is not you during the month of September.

Q:  By pledging, am I bound to ONLY making things for other people?

A:  Nah, this is kind of fast and loose and you make the rules.  You can go balls-to-the-wall making for others, or you can make for others and sneak in a thing or two for yourself.  I may do the latter if time allows (but it probably won’t).

Q:  Do I have to sew these things?

A:  Since it’s Sew Selfless September, sewing is the preferred craft, but you can make items through other related mediums.  Why not?

Q:  OK, but I already do this all year…

A:  OK, cool.  Would love to see what you make and for who!  It’s no extra work on your part since you’re already practicing this idea.  Maybe we’ll all absorb a bit of your kind, giving nature.

Q:  Why should I do this?

A:  Why the hell not?  Allow your heart to grow three times bigger.  Or don’t.

Feel free to shoot me an email (see the end of the bar to the right) or leave a comment below if you have any questions.

In two weeks it will be September 1st; that’s two whole weeks to gear up and order supplies (if necessary) to make your loved ones or a worthy organization very happy!

So, whaddaya say, friends?

35 thoughts on “Join me for Sew Selfless September”

  1. I’m in! This is want I need to spur me into action – I have a couple of ideas for makes for the family but not gotten round to it! 😀

  2. This is a great idea! I totally need the motivation to make my friends/family garments we’ve been planning for year…if I have my life back in order post-wedding I’m in!

    1. So exciting that your wedding is this week! And totally take it one step at a time. You may want to jump right back into the thick of it, or you might just want some time to chill. If you’re feeling feisty, feel free to join!

  3. Err. Uhmm. So…

    Ok. Ok. I do “owe” my friend a “drapey neck thing” top — a cowl neck top to sewers. I’ll figure out what other non-selfish sewing I should be doing and post later :)

  4. This is such a fantastic idea! Here’s mine:
    I, MRR, of Creative Saturdays, pledge this Sew Selfless September to sew at least three items for my friends and family, including: my sister-in-law, my sister, and my boyfriend (who are all quite neglected in my sewing).

  5. This is an excellent idea! My husband is always, um, NOT complaining?, about how I do anything for anyone else and neglect my family in the process, so this is my pledge.
    I, Julie, of Crazywonderfullife,, pledge this Sew Selfless September to sew 1 thing for each of my family members (that’s a total of 4). I forgot how to link in comments…it’s been a while.

      1. Ok, I did all that and when I clicked on the photo it brought me here so Woohoo! I don’t belong to Flickr, but I can link back here with my posts and you can put my pics on Flickr if you want. I have no idea how that works.

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