Mini Wardrobe 2014 Surprise

So, I didn’t win the Mini Wardrobe contest, but that’s cool.  After all of the wardrobes were entered I knew there was no way – so many awesome collections made by spectacular sewists!  I felt like I held my own fairly well, but by no means had the most creative or cohesive wardrobe.

And really, I have five new garments, so that’s a win, right?

And then something really fun and unexpected happened – Deepika (founder of Pattern Review) mailed a surprise to everyone who participated!

*Spoiler:  if you participated in the Mini Wardrobe contest and haven’t received your surprise yet, read no further!*

Style arc ziggiStyle Arc Ziggi!

HOW AWESOME IS THAT?  I have a couple of Style Arc patterns in my stash, but I have yet to sew them up.  This jacket is so killer.  How awesome of Style Arc to sponsor and Deepika to send.

This bad boy might throw a bit of a wrench in my Autumn coat sewing plans…  :D


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