Sewing Hiatus = Reorganization

Now that the sewing frenzy of July is over, I can sit back and relax a little…

Well, kinda. I’m a bit pretty ashamed to admit this, but I feel like I need to share the state of my sewing room post Mini Wardrobe:

Sewing room
Oversharing is caring

First of all, damn. What a fucking mess. Secondly, this is not an uncommon sight in my sewing room.

I even have a few things to (awkwardly) say to you in a video that fully shows the horrific state of my sewing room as of this past weekend.  I apologize in advance for my nervous overuse of the word ‘anyway.’

Sorry about the audio lag near the end.  Guess my new Nikon L820 sucks at video.  Also sorry I’m too cheap to buy video editing software

Yes, I am disgusting.  There goes whatever respect you had for me.

Are any of you as big of a pig as I am?  Misery loves company, ya know.

You also may have noticed that my sewing machine and serger are absent. I had some weird tension stuff going with my sewing machine and it was skipping a stitch here and there, plus they were both way overdue for their yearly maintenance, so I took them in to a local shop for service.

Their service turnaround time right now is up to 2 weeks, so I have a bit of time on my hands where sewing is not an option…which I am going to use to straighten up my sewing room and cutting area and get MORE ORGANIZED. Whee!

Time to clean this crap up and find places for all of it. Wish me luck and get ready for some before and after, folks!

Oh, and voting for the Mini Wardrobe contest has begun and goes until August 9th! There are a ton of really great wardrobes and I had a lot of fun perusing them. If you were a fan of my wardrobe, I wouldn’t turn your vote down.

P.S. After a bit over 2 years of blogging I hit a total of 50K views on August 3rd! Neato.


14 thoughts on “Sewing Hiatus = Reorganization”

  1. I’m bringing my machine in today, and the shop said it would be a 1.5-2 week turnaround! What gives! I think I’ll follow your lead and tidy up, perhaps trace some patterns. And maybe do something about my overgrown yard? :)

  2. Well, that looks familiar, very reassuring :) My sewing room is looking even worde, I guess. I have so much fabric, that It doesn’t fit into my wardrobe anymore, so I have a whole pile of fabrics in a bag on the floor, it is truly shocking. I made some pictures, to show my fellow sewers that I am not exaggerating when I tell them my stash is huge. I admit I am really happy with all that fabric, but also a bit embarrassed about the chaos. Anyway, since you’re so honestly sharing your sewing room tornado, I’ll let you have a peak in my sewing room as well… http://www.aaltjesdraadstaaltjes.blogspot.nl/2014/04/met-de-billen-bloot.html

  3. hahahahaha!!!!!

    Since stealing the living room I am much better; although I don’t have ALL of my stuff up there and I have far fewer horizontal surfaces.

    Cleaning is for suckers anyway… ;-)

    You definitely got my vote! Loved your wardrobe!

  4. I LOVE THIS VIDEO. I live with my parents in a small house and sew out of the corner of my bedroom so it *always* looks like that. Unlike the people that are empty nesters in a 2000+ square foot house I have no space to be neat. I have bits of my massive stash stuck wherever it will fit. In containers under the bed, precariously piled up in the closet in Mood shopping bags, in some temporary metal shelving next to my desk, etc. Half altered patterns and strips of paper for filling in where I lengthen are in random piles. I always have to be careful about where I walk just so I don’t accidentally step on a spool of thread the cats knocked off of the table. Sometimes I’ll spend all day sewing just to get some of it out of the way. I try my best to organize, only to mess it up again during the next project. I’m pretty sure the only reason why my fiance doesn’t run away screaming is because he says sewing keeps me out of trouble ;).

    1. Oh, good! So glad to hear I’m not the only one. Yes, I do love and drool over those photos of awesome sewing spaces with built in cabinets that are super organized, but who has the space? I’m lucky I could use this bedroom, which is about 10×11.

  5. I try to make an effort to clean my desk after each project, but most of the time it’s just in effort-stage. However my sewing room is a room we pass through several times daily, so I must keep things off the floor. At least that helps some of the mess.

    Looking past the mess in your pictures your sewing room has total potential to be great. Have fun organising!

    1. Having your sewing space in a public area of the house really does force you to keep some sort of tidiness, which can be good and bad.

      I’m still in the “it gets worse before it gets better” stage of cleaning but hopefully I will be done with that in the next couple of days!

  6. Fellow pig here, LOL! I cleaned my space up a bit about 2 months ago–like, EVERYTHING was put away somewhere, even my machine–and have managed to keep things from getting as bad as they were prior to cleanup, but damn is it tough! The only thing that really keeps me from letting it go is that my sewing area is also our dining room AND the dog’s room when he needs it (feeding time, time-out, etc.)–there are some things that I just can’t leave hanging around for fear of him ruining them or hurting himself. And even though we never eat at our beautiful table, I feel compelled to keep it from being too awful since it’s technically a shared space and it doesn’t seem fair to leave it in such a state that nobody can even get in there. (I’m still waiting on my “Best Wife EVER” award for this, alas…) I also have a box full of really nice (i.e., SILK) fabric on the table because it won’t fit in my one-and-only stash bin, so now I’m at a point where I need to bust some ass and make stuff so I can fit everything back into that bin! If I had a dedicated space, it would probably look a lot like yours, albeit less productive. xD

    1. Wow, good job maintaining! I’m pretty good at organizing things, but I have a tough time maintaining my space because my workflow is roughly that of a 5 year old – I really like to take things out and leave them there instead of putting them away when I’m done. And you know how it compounds.

      I’m very lucky that I have a dedicated space that is dog-free. I always keep the doggy gate up for fear that Oscar will hurt himself on an errant pin (or worse) in my sewing room, plus I selfishly do it to help keep the dog hair at bay (though it makes its way in anyway).

      And ONE stash bin? Impressive.

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